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Paid Gig - Background & Layout Designer

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Paid Gig - Background & Layout Designer

aite, i need somoene to work with my team on layouts and bg.the project is an in house production for a broadcast series. This is a production not an experiment so no dilly dallying.
I would like somoene who is working out of Bombay,India or close by. Preferably somoene who can work permanently, freelance would only be a stop gap solution.
Pay will be to scale for the Indian market (sorry all you international folks)
ill need to see some work beforehand and we will run a single BG test run, sign an NDA and off ill send the storyboard (chances of someone offsite being hired is if you are terrific & fall in the payscale)


Background artist

Hi SkinnyLizard,

Pls. let me know if you got what you wanted in terms of the right help at the right cost. I need some help in the near future as well.


where are you located?

Here in the sunny California.


wouldnt work then mate. what i would pay an experienced layout guy here is what you would spend at dinner drinks and a movie for 4 weekends

We would be interested in such work. We are located in India. I'll not speak anything about our quality.... Our show reel will speak out. Actions speak louder then words !!!!!!!!!

Some of our credits....

Kindly get in touch with me
I think, this association will be fruitful to both of us.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Sagar Deshpande
Jingle Toons (India)
Ps: Already posted a private message to you. Ignore this message (in case) to avoid redundancy.

Kind Regards,
Sagar D. Deshpande
Business Development Team
Jingle Toons Animation (India)
Ph: +91-240-2244191

Dear Thread,
I'm animator and layout artist.
I'm interested in your announcement and I'd like to ask you for more
detailed information.