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musical chairs

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musical chairs

ok..Ape... 't's definitely not in your category.but, it has some good parts to it..
the first part is the best..after that...I kinda winged it..

Is that music in another one of your animations pascal?

Great job your right the first part is best but its all good.I really like the chair and how it moves.The added expression to this office character differs from your first two(or was it three) animations that used him.In this one he got in the action which was very a welcome change.I dont know which of these are my favorite probobley the one with the tiki guy just because hes so cool but if i had to go with a non-biased opinion id have to say this is my favorite one. :D

How long did this take you?

Keep it up!

edit-pascal do you have an aim account?

just Finished it..sortof...
i'm tired right now..i may take it up again tomorrow after work..maybe not.. depending on what I have to

it took me a while..
longer than my others because having two characters interact likethat , in the beginning, especially one that is nota human... is a lot harder for me!
I dunno.. twice as long as the others?
one time and a half?
in temrs of hours??
i did it in two sets though...

ok.. bed time..
'later thunderobots...
shouldn't you be in a bed as well???


It didn't even occur to me that there -was- music. It has its own nice rhythm to it. I'm in the library. Luckily they have headphones or I would've missed out on what sounds like Janet Jackson live from the Caribbean!

janet jackson live from the caribean??
that's actually interesting, because we saw her in concert in hawaii( not caribean, I know..but an island nevertheless!)..'wonder if I got inspired?

Ow... this is great, I totally loves the first part when the chais is becoming .. crazy! ehe. It works pretty well with the music i think!

Keep It up!