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boaf's getting a bit old in the series...
'back from a weekend... someone 's been hitting on my nerve again..(sic)..
so.. in between meetings( read..during..) , on a stray wacom tablet( and that's only half a lie!).. another venting doodle..

..still had fun doing it though!!

I could watch hundreds of these. Awesome as always.

Nitpicky thought: The arrows coming out of the camera don't read real clearly on the first viewing (they work fine once I know what's going on).

I love the "crazy" gesture the manager gives as the little guy runs around him. I laughed out loud. The run in and out of frame are particularly nice bits of animation.

Awesome stuff!

Producing solidily ok animation since 2001.

Now with more doodling!

you must've been on the net as soon as I posted!
yeah.. I know..
I didn't even bother with the arrows since i was just doing that half a.s, so to speak..( it did take me a few hours and there.. and.. ANIMATED APE, don't worry.. NOT during work time..)

I'm realising that the more I do these ultrashort pieces, as oposed to the longer ones, the better I get at developping my character animations..."duh"....

Thanks Kdiddy
don'tforget to post your stuff as well!

I'm bored today at work (ultra tedious part of my job today).

Couple hours!? Your speed always impresses me, especially considering the quality of your work.

I defintely argree. The more short stuff I do, the better I get. I get to make lots of short mistakes, learn and move on.

I'll be posting something in the next couple days. I"ve been draggin my feet on my demo reel, and that unfortunately takes precidence over the fun stuff. I'll be sure to let you know when it's up.

Producing solidily ok animation since 2001.

Now with more doodling!

can't wait to see it

great job pascal i really like the character design of the guy running around the manager.The animation is top notch and its really impressive.Keep up the greay work! :D

wow wow. too good. If ever get a chance, i kill pascal and transplant his brain. hehe

Hey Guys!!
Thanks far as the character design goes...i Have no idea why I did that( or maybe I do... i was in arizona..and i remenber seeing some strange looking statues out there, last weekend) maybe that's what it is..

if i had to do my own crit..i'd say that the staging could be improved a lot and the "actual action" is underplayed... but... that would be picky, wouldn't??

thanks guys
first time I see your new??
Welcome if you are..and..
Thanks a bunch for the kudos..
do you have anything to post?


I dread watching your stuff.
You are so prolific and your stuff is so good it makes me jealous.
Bloody f***ing lovely work.

hey !!
long time no see!
how are you??

'm not working on commercials these days.. schedule is more re;axed.. that's why you guys seem to think i'm more prolific....
Thanks for the compliments !!

Perhaps it's because I cut my teeth on pencil and paper.
Perhaps I don't practice enough in Flash (I guess I don't). I hate cleaning up on a tablet but can do it. As far as rough animation, I am amazed at the way you maintain volume (never mind the animation). As on paper when I have done rough animation, sizes grow and grow.
....And your imagination! That, no one can teach!

a tricky one that lad is, isn't he??

honestly..for the longest of times i had a very hard time doing that( keeping semi consistent).then.. i found a few little tricks that are very simple, and work very well!!

Nothing to it.
it's all flash!



The staging and "underplayed action" can be helped by a single tweak.

Remember the illustration exercises you sent me? Using that same part of your brain, after the demon is summoned, cut to JUST the interaction between the supervisor and the monster. It gives all that action the focus, and visual coverage of the "passive instigator" worker guy is no longer important or necessary, at least for the time being.

If this were on television, for example, keeping him off-screen would also benefit because our imaginations would reel, in the back of our heads, as to what his possible reaction to all of this could be when we see him again.

What a trip, the first time I view this (I'm on a flat-screen LCD at the library...) when he runs out of the shot at the end it actually has this cool motion-blur effect.


Oh, and graphiteman's right, one of the strongest reasons you're a force to be reckoned with is the mindless stream of ideas you have, because you have the discipline to follow-through on them.

It feels like heresy to critique your stuff. I'd also have a delay between the arrow going in and the reaction. Infinitesimal, but it'd help the comedic timing. When I forwarded through the files his eyes are widened -and- back surveying the damage at the self-same moment he's been struck by the arrow the first time.

Scattered.. You'd never know even if I told you how much I apreciate you giving me your opinion on my work!
and I'm telling you right now..
I really really apreciate it!

You're right on all cases...
the major thing that kinda' bugs me is the arrow...too lazy or going too fast to stop and clean it( ..but i did take the time to fill in the litlle guy!!)..
i'm not sure I'll go back to that one.. but.. for the next one i'll do( whihc could be in a few weeks or months seeing how things are going these days!)..i'll definitely keep these things in mind!!



I don't know. I kind of disagree about the editing suggestion in this case. Most the time I'd say cut away, but in this case part of the gag is that the artist never stops working if though there's a crazy little pigmy maiming his boss, cutting to a close up would lose that sense of disassociation of the two parties. Perhaps a different angle for the setup would do it, but I think that it's got kind of a Wes Anderson quality of simplicity, letting the solid joke do the work. That and it fits stylisticly with the others in the "series."

A longer piece, then definitely, cut away. In this case, simple works. Just my thoughts on it.

Producing solidily ok animation since 2001.

Now with more doodling!

These shorts just keep getting better and better. I love the expressions on his face. Also the eyes poping out is a nice touch.

Everytime I watch your animations it inspires me to draw and animate more.

Very Cool.

same here cow, same here

I considered that, kdiddy, and it's equally viable to go with that or even stick with what he has. The reason I opted for my opinion and it's advantages is either way how it stands, the piece hasn't picked one side of the fence to totally stand on.

If we're going to be simple, angles are out, and the fact is the guy does NOTHING. It's not stimulating. If we keep him on screen he should go DEEPER into oblivion to reach the peak of that desired humor. Like maybe eye his eraser, or blink a few times when his lead breaks. Maybe just squint or hunch his shoulders deeper into what he's doing. Something either slowly carried out or short tiny movement. The attention's going to go where the movement is so he's dropping off the screen anyway, mentally. That's why I suggested the cut.

I'd like to be to the point where my work has options haha

kdiddy and scattered..
i'm reading both your posts and it makes me a very good way...
the fact that the two of you are discussing different approaches to a giving option, shows that the two of you have valid and personal opinions.

and this is great!
i think the two views are equally as good....
mine is just one proposition,and a very bare one at that

9 by this,I mean that i wasn't playing much on staging..whatever is there is just out of sheer experience and practice ...not conscious thinking

by discussing different probability, i guess that , in a way , the two of you are practicing animation, in a virtual
i'm glad I could be of any help.

now.. put down that virtual pen, pick up a real one and SHOW me what you guys mean


That's like Zeuss going "Here, tiny insignificant ant, give this thunderbolt-tossing a go!"

I have a week before my next term. For the sake of practice, I shall try.

And you're right, I critique to learn, not because I have a clue :D

I was thinking more like charlie bown telling snoopy to give it a try!(^__^)


man... i gotta pop in here more.

pascal... these are awesome as always!


We were just talking about you and rosa with katrina a few days ago!

hey.. how about you do like ape and post some of your stuff here??


I agree that I could watch a hundred of these in a row.

Know what gets me the most? It's really nothing more than a few lines and a freakin' bargeload of attitude. All these people with their fully-rendered CGI movies that can't do in a half-hour what you can do in 30 seconds with a handful of black lines.
Tell you what. Make 60 minutes worth of them and I'll buy the DVD. :)

hmm. you know what??
i may actually have 60 minutes worth of that stuff!

ok.. lost weekend.. but i'll try to make something during the week!


Whew, finally let me log on to the boards.

It's always fun to discuss options out with someone that has a reasoned out opinion. Whether I ultimately agree or disagree I almost always learn something from it. :D

I hope to see more. I'll "post my money where my mouth is" in a little bit. I've been distracted.

Producing solidily ok animation since 2001.

Now with more doodling!


We were just talking about you and rosa with katrina a few days ago!

hey.. how about you do like ape and post some of your stuff here??


yo man! please tell katrina rosa and i said wassup!

man, my stuff SUCKS, and inside AM, my ass is gettin spanked. so much crazy amazing talent in there... APE included (he used to have a SPAM icon :D )

but I am lookin forward to the 3rd term... i hope to post some stuff sooner than later. i need the quality crits.

but yeah pascal, your work so very inspiring. keep up the amazing work man.

your stuff makes me smile and weep at the same time.