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software for viewing and editing traditional hand-drawn animation

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software for viewing and editing traditional hand-drawn animation

i'm thinking about do a short animation but first i was wondering if there was an animation program for what i would need.
i plan on hand drawing the entire thing, then scaning in all the drawing and cleaning them up and coloring them in photoshop. then what would i use to put all the individual frames into one?

Since I take it you don't want to part with a few grand just yet, I would suggest some of the cheap, yet good programs like Moho, Flash, and Toon Boom Studio. If you want a cartooney look, you can even do the coloring in Toon Boom.
Actually, I believe there's an animator feature that comes with Photoshop... you may wanna look into that
And look around the othe posts here. That is a question that somebody asks here every other day

If you're drawing on paper (or cels), then I'd suggest, just scanning them into the computer, color them in photoshop, and bring them into something like Monkey Jam where you can adjust the timing, at least for the pencil test stage.

You could use other programs that support layering of image sequences to put it all together. Toon Boom can, but it's a bit more focused on vector art. My favorite is After Effects, but that's more expensive than Toon Boom (depending on the versions, pro/non-pro).

You could also just put your movie out as an image sequence (image_01.tif, image_02.tif, image_03.tif, etc) and compile it using Quicktime Pro.

Those are the inexpensive options... I guess it depends on how complex an animation you're doing. Lots of layers with moving camera? or relatively simple, you're drawing every frame and not reusing parts with simple backgrounds?

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I prefer Flash to use in the beginning it's simple and it has an attractive interface to use,,,,great options too. I agree that Flash is not a Main Cartooning software, it was designed for web but still .... some cartoons in the TV are done using it !!. Traditional way would take long time to finish the project but still it gives great feeling when you're done animating and seeing it on the screen cuz it's Traditional and it's depends on your style I guess,, and what r your results that your're looking for :) good luck

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If you are going traditional and scanning in all your drawings, you might also want to look into Flipbook at

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CTP by Crater Software

I used CTP (Cartoon Television Program)
by Crater Software (
sometime back when I did some digital ink and paint work. It works very well with Photoshop. You scan drawings in Photoshop, edit them and then import the PSD files into CTP. It also has an x-sheet like interface so keeping track of key drawings is easy. And as the Ape suggested, Flipbook.


I know there aren't a lot of fans of Corel here, but PhotoPaint has an animation aspect that's been built in for years. In fact it was the first thing I ever played with. It's frame based.

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I agree that Flash is not a Main Cartooning software, it was designed for web but still ....

Why isn't it a main cartooning software? It's being used by a lot of studios. Why do so many of you seem to feel the need to qualify the use of it. That's just bull......

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dahahahaha phacker,u have an arguement for everything. :p

He is kinda right though,Flash is actually ment more for web based stuff, its not souly designed for *real animation* sorry,i cudn't come up with a better term than that phacker :D .Although lately hit t.v. shows use flash,its kinda of a recent thing,flash is just started to grow,so don't make the boy cry hehe.

Just like photoshop wasn't designed for colouring comic books,it was supposed to be a program for photo-editing,but people found other uses for it,therefore adobe developed more features etc.

*runs from axe wielding phacker*

Flash has been used seriously by the industry for more than three years now guys. Get real to rehash previous bad reviews of it based on poorly designed webpages is overlooking it's true uses and advantages, and just shows you are not up on what's really going on.

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3 years is not that long phacker,its still pretty brand new.