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Selling My DVD

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Selling My DVD

Hello AWN,

As some of you may no, I am a regular here at the AWN, through the last year or so I have been constantly been trying to improve my work, In this year I have created 7 videos (26 minutes total). 2 of which can be seen in my signature, the others I have been saving for my DVD. Well finally I have burned them all to DVD. Orignally this was for personal enjoyment, but now I thought I would take a stab at selling them on the WEB. If i sell one copy I will be ecstatic, I will be selling my DVD for $7 dollars (CDN) You can send the money to my paypal account at this link

PS: thank you for the constant support on the awn, these videos are mostly short and simple, and I think children as well as adults would enjoy my DVD

i think its illegal to sell this considering the copyright infringment's on d.i.r.t. i suggest you stop selling it before you get in touble.

and besides im sorry but 26 min for 11 dollars is a little much i also suggest you lower the price to somwhere around 5-7 dollars.

question thunderbot?

I agree with the 5-7 dollar thing, but how can I get copyright for D.I.R.T?? I made it, just curious?

If you're using audio from a copyrighted source that you don't own, then you're infringing on the copyright, and could be held liable.


wow i didnt no that, well so much for selling MY DVD, what happens if I give them credit, or would I have to pay them like a cut or something

You'd have to get written permission from the source. Sometimes you could get it for free by e-mailing them, but most of the time, you'd have to pay royalties on top of a fee for using the source in the first place.

and that my friend is the law :D

wow that sucks, I didn't realize any of that, well so much for selling MY DVD

You capitalize it like it's out of resentment. Can't you make it work with other sound?

naw i cant, the music i used was sick, other sound just wont cut it