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Longest project you've done?

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Longest project you've done?

I was wondering, what is the longest project time wise that you've ever done or worked on? I just got done with a 24 min project (actually it's 23 mins 59 seconds). It's the longest I've EVER done in my animation history. I know it doesn't sound like much but for my age it's a HUGE step for me that I know I can do it.
I'll post the link to my project (download via .zip) as soon as it's done exporting to Quicktime :rolleyes:
*sigh* 106 mins to go...


i just made this in a week lol but yeah its certainly my longest keep in mind im 14 :D

the longest project i've had is on my current one - i've gotten 3 minutes done in 18 months. at this rate my 15 minute film will take 7.5 years to complete. that should be a longest project time record. (i know, i know- you meant running time)

Actually I'm involved in a project that takes one create a 5 minute short in traditional animation.
It's going to comin' out on december 2005.

one year for 5 minutes : ), but we are 3 students.

for a 30 seconds short , I spent one month and half working hard!
UDITO (30'')

longest project i worked on was for 6 months,then i got a virus and lost it,and turns out the back up i thought i made didn't back up.

yaaaay! :rolleyes: