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vancouver film school for 3d animation

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vancouver film school for 3d animation

hey guys,
howz vancouver film school for 3d animation especially for character animation or is there a better it worth doin a 7months programme in digital character animtion or goin for a MFA programme from academy art in san francisco.plzz help.thnx a lot.

I'm working in Vancouver, and know alot of people who went to school there. Judging on the caliber of people that I've seen, I'd say that you'll get a pretty good education if you go there. Of course, alot has to do with how hard you work :)

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Animation training programmes VFS are pretty good. I know some friends who got education there and benefitted from it. You can surely give it a try.


VFS is well recognized. You will benefit from the 2-year program that they offer.

If you are looking specifically in the Vancouver area, I would personally recommend the Capilano College program. They offer a 4 year program, if I'm not mistaken (more practice makes more perfect), and the tuition is subsidized. And above that, the instruction is top-notch.