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NOOB! Sketches

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NOOB! Sketches

does that count as a sketch? its just a rough layout of a digi painting i'm working on,i'll update with more *sketch* type sketches later on.


brilliant, completely original, all these talented artists around me, makes my work look awful.

I love the horses, but the human needs better hair... I like crowded images, but this one is messy. Clean it up, fix the hair, and add more color. Then, I'll like it. However, my opinion shouldn't matter to you. Just because I don't like your style, you shouldn't change to suit my tastes.

archie - thanks.

fjgamer - did i mention its was a rough.

anyway,heres sum random jewish guy...


Awesome horse! I like the stark shadows--your work has a real sense of movement. Was that done in charcoal?

yep that was charcoal,still trying refine my skills with that stuff,its very difficult to use *smudges really easily*

something i did for a book.kinda quick

nice noob!

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still got sum stuff to get familiar with in faces..
without ref. seems i have issues with eye placement ya go

those are pretty good noob and i dont even generally like realistic stuff. :D