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FX Demo Reel in progress

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FX Demo Reel in progress

hi just posting my reel in which focusing mainly on effects, plz give ur critiques :)

Pretty good stuff, but I suggest making your demo reel a bit more enjoyable to watch. I found myself fast fowarding through it. Perhaps speeding up the editing, or wait until you have a few more items to showcase, and it can fill in the slow parts.

Just some initial thoughts on delivery:

I'd consider giving a link directly to the movie rather than a rar file for download. Rar is one more step and slightly less conventional than zip, and typically the size difference is relatively minimal (although I don't know for sure on your video). Not to mention a producer or someone in HR is unlikely to have an un-rar utility (or even zip for that matter) installed on their computer.

The only reason I say this is because, I'm currently working at a VFX company (and this goes for the last company I worked at as well) and we're all on Linux boxes. Embedded video doesn't usually cooperate, so it's nice to have a link to the movie that I can download and watch locally.

I haven't been able to check out your reel yet, but from the previous comment, here's a key bit of advice. They may say they want you to limit you to 5 minutes (some say 3), keep in mind that that's a top limit. There's nothing wrong with a 2 minute (or even 1 minute) reel if that's all you've got and it rocks.

That being said, I look forward to checking out your reel.

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