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Maya Artist want to move to Canada

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Maya Artist want to move to Canada

Hello Everybody !

Let me first introduce myself. My name is Sonu Gupta. I am a Maya Artist. I am working in the software since last 3 years. I am an Indian.

I want to move to Canada. I have submitted my application for Permanent Residence Visa for Canada. To get the PR Visa for Canada it would take 2-3 years. But I could move to Canada before that period if I get Work Visa. And to get the Work Visa I must have job offer letter from a Canadian studio.

I have sent my CV and my work/demo reel to lots of Canadian studios, but till date I have not received any positive response from anybody. I have even told them that they don't have to do any thing, they just have to send me a job offer letter, I would carry all my relocation expenses, all paper works would be done by my lawyer David Cohen who is from Montreal.

As far my standard of work is concerned, I am very sure about it.

I would appreciate it, if anybody out there could provide me their invaluable suggestions regarding this.

Thank you

Sonu Gupta

I've immigrated to Canada from the US, so I know what you're talking about. You can obtain PR in Canada in about 1.5 years if you have a good lawyer and your employer is willing to "sponsor" you through the provincial government instead of going individually through the federal government.

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