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Animation Industry in Hong Kong/Asia?

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Animation Industry in Hong Kong/Asia?

Does anyone know abt animation trends in Hong Kong or Asia? I am a local in HK. From what i know, most major studios in Western countries will distribute computerized tasks to asian countries bcoz the wage rate here is so much lower. So, it means animation here in HK/ Asia involves, most of the time, the technical part, like animating a character, creating special effects, or after effects. There is so little creativity involved coz all is decided before hand in the big studios in the west.

I am not a computer person, but rather creative. Therefore, I don't see any room in development for me in HK/ Asia.

Please correct me if i am wrong, and add anything you know about HK/ Asia



i dont know much about the scene in Hong Kong specifically. i do find that people who dont know how to use a computer will only advance if they are supremely talented at what they do otherwise.
local markets in places like Korea and India are getting hot for locally made content. so its not exactly a dead market.
they have had to go through the non-creative stuff to get to the level of being able to do stuff for themselves.