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career prospect for entry level animators

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career prospect for entry level animators

Could someone map out the career path of an entry level animator please? What are the different routes an animator can go through? 1) when will you know if you will go into film/ TV/ short films/ ads/ games/ illustration? 2) How do you know if you will work in concept art/ background/ layout/ lighting? (By the way, I don't quite understand what people do in layout either. Is it the same as composition in a 2D drawing? It would be nice if someone could explain that) 3) How much time does it take for one to promote? 4) Ultimately, which position will an animator reach at his highest level?

simply put, I wanna know about the difference in the various positions in an animation studio, and when an animator reach certain stage in certain period of time or with certain skills?

Please, could someone draw a map or a career prospect path or sthg to explain this?

thanks, guys.


what is your background, training, education and experience? and it isnt like the corporate world i say. it all depends on the state of the industry and how you fit into ur company and how well u do.

Here's an example of how varied this can be:

When I started in the biz, I did inbetweens.

I did inbetweens for 6 years.

Most of my colleagues did inbetweening for something like 6 months.

Needless to say I got really good and doing inbetweens, and that did NOT hamper my career at all. I'm a storyboard artist now and quite happy doing just that.
There's is no accurate promotion/ambition model for the animation indsutry it depends ENTIRELY upon the internal structure of any given studio you work at.

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