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experimental animation work?

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experimental animation work?

I'm looking into experimental animation. I like what I see in the MFA programs at Cal Arts and the school of visual arts, but I was also thinking about the job outlook. Is it hard to make a living in this marginalized field? I want to make artistic animation work using painting and non traditional materials, but don't want to be in debt for the rest of my life. Any experimental animators out there that can help?



I know that both Tim Burton and Henry Selick majored in experimental animation at Calarts, and both are doing quite well, among other people. Of course, what they do now doesn't really constitute as experimental in how I think you're describing it. Usually, I think, if you major in experimental animation, you're bound to do what other animators are doing in character animation. Very rarely do you get a market for experimental "art" animation, except in quick infomercials that studios like Vinton produce.


experimental animation

good point..that was helpful. I really love the stuff Vinton puts out; that would be an ideal studio to pursue.


Experimental Animation

Not sure what you are after, but if it's something like at oo-x-oo,

then you could have a go at FluxTime ( ).

It's an online animation software designed for children, BUT when you start with a blank new clip, and use just shapes instead of the provided clipart, you can produce some pretty psychedelic stuff...