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Hello everyone! In my battle to find new and greener pastures, I have decided to put my showreel online... i say battle because, I am still pretty dumb when it comes to anything related with computers, and it was a big struggle just to get my head around the concept of putting my work on the internet!
hope that you'll all enjoy it, and please feel free to comment...

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"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

Hi there

Just tried to view your reel while having my dinner at work and thought I would let you know its down load time was 1 hour 28 mins rather long I thought and so didnt view it.

There must be a way of speeding it up. I sadly have not got a solution for you , but hopefully some one can help you out through these forums.

Well done for getting you reel on line in the first place.

All the best.

...loaded for me in a couple minutes. Ya got some nice lookin stuff there!

I'm getting a slow load, too, at the moment, but I'm overseas (or all the AWN folks slammin' the server). It may just be the connection at work. 5mb is a pretty decent file size.

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Now with more doodling!

My download worked will, I am dailup. You have a nice reel. I like the lip sync that you did. Making more that just the lips move adds to an animation, in my opinion. Did you have to pay for the voice talent?

Took almost an hour to download but I finally got it.

Very nice! It must be difficult to animate to a language that is so fast!

There's some real gems in there.

Producing solidily ok animation since 2001.

Now with more doodling!


Fazendinha, I have been to two different studio web sites and they were hiring. Cartoon Network Studio and I think the other is DNAhelix.

thank you!!!

thank you everyone!!! Even to the ones that weren't able to see it, I don't know why... It is a pretty small file (not even 5.5mb) , so I'm affraid that you guys might have problems with your internet connections (look at me I almost sound like I actually know hwat I'm talking about).
All of the work in my showreel is professional work, unfortunately I still haven't had the time to do my own stuff... So, yes, all hired voices.
Wontobe, thank you for your suggestions, I didn't know that Cartoon network was hiring, but I do know that DNA has now stopped hiring animators... snif...
So0, keep those opinions coming, guys!!!

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

Faze took me three tries. I think your server has trouble handling traffic. The download would cut in and out, making the experience longer. But that's not your fault. Finally connected at a time when it seemed to keep up it's basic download speed.

Did you model the characters, or were you working with someone else's models?

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To be honest I don't know why it is taking such a long time to load, maybe it is because of the crummy portuguese website where I loaded my work into... go figure!
But, no, I haven't doe any of the models, only the animation... My modelling capablilities are quite minimal, but I'm slowly (and quite painfully) I am trying to become a better modeller.

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

I'm guessing for me it's likely to be because I'm on the opposite side of the world. The internet is fast but it still has it's limits.

Did I mention I enjoyed it?

Producing solidily ok animation since 2001.

Now with more doodling!

I guess that you did?...

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"