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plz....currect me

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plz....currect me

firstly i'm really thankfull to the forum for all the help........
now ........
i have decided that rather than going for a costly course i'm going to buy a new PC and teach myself on maya and stuff.... and 2d hand drawn animation also i have got all the books u guys said........(i have done 3dsmax on my own )
i live in india (chandigarh) if any guy know abt the animaiton scene in india plz help will this idea work or not...
i'm really stressed and confused over it .....................

plz tell me if that is wright for me i'm serious about animation as a career...... help me !!! help me !!!

waiting for ur replies guys :confused:

I don't know how the industry in India values diplomas and such, but in the US, diplomas take a back seat to your demo reel. So if you're dedicated and have talent, then you'll do well learning on your own.

Go to school, but remember you will always learn more by yourself :)

if you try and pull this off by yoursel it will take you quite a while. especially your 2-d stuff. you need to go towards it organized and learn the key ideas and especially be able to run it off people who are in the industry. 3-d it might be possible to teach yourself, im sure you can with 2-d as well but there are good opportunities out there.
you would have to move to a plce like Trivandrum where Toonz teaches a 6 month animation class. then you can buiild from what you learn there. 6 months of organized learning vs mabe a year of you teaching yourself.
go figure.

i don't think you have a problem

enrolling in a course without having a pc of your own
would be... useless.

so unless you're very young and don't have anything else to do
don't stress yourself

draw. releases stress, appreciate life.

Don't worry.  All shall be well.

thank you guys thanks a zillion ....................

with ur help i have searched and decided to opt for self study and will apply to National Institute of Design for one year diploma in 2d and 3d animation as i have finished my graduation(B.A. in humanities) already and will go for a post graduation diploma next year.

thank u guys............... this forum rocks