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les tomates

seriously guys... just for the fun of it!!!

Challenge yourself, Campion....animate to terrible music for once!

haha j/k

Inventive and appealing once again...Has a decidedly 40s flair to it.

oooooooooohhhhhhhhh la la

you made this stuff for just fun ........ its really great work

question for u: is all the animation done totally on flash or its hand drawn !!

Fantastic, beautiful.
I really enjoy your work Pascal.


funny you should mention that...we're trying to do a short film with a friend..and we're thinking of weird musics right now!

Riiley man.. do I kwnow you??...i mean.. have Imet you in person??

Man deep.. Yeah.. just for fun.. or i should say ALL for fun!!!
If not for that.. what for then??

it's all done in flash.. it kinda happened suddenly to tell you the truth..
this is a french music from the fifties or forties..
i wasn't planning on using it , but,it just happened that i was waiting for some feedback on some other animation stuff ..and. i started doodling stuff on the beat..
and.. boom.. before Iknew it.. i had this thing..
the other funny thing..
the music talks about eating tomatoes!!


Riiley man.. do I kwnow you??...i mean.. have Imet you in person??

I don't think so, unless you've been working in Sweden...

ah ok.. lol
nope.. never have!
how is it over there??

Wow, I got it right! I was talking about the look, but the music's near the 40s! Go me =)

pascal you dont get near enough credit.

you are the best flash animator put myself an many other traditional animators to shame.

this is my favorite cartoon of yours but im just suprised that you only got comments form 3 people.

I truly think you deserve more credit because this is the best flash cartoon i have ever seen. :D

i guess i just want you to know that you truly are an inspiration and your very well respected in my mind.

I have a mad urge...

for Tomatoe soup at lunch!

Fantabulous work as always!


Thunderobot . that is SO incredibly nice of you!!!

I'm NOT the best by the way...
I just don't think there is A best...
I do believe you can be to the BEST of your abilities and talent and try to push that....
but ..we do all have different qualities!!

You can be the best at being yourself as a matter of fact.. that's what you should be DOING!



'PEOPLE!!! It's made of PEOPLE!!!!!'

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

It is very good, but I have to weigh in and say that "Door" is probably the most imaginitive animation I've ever seen.

Producing solidily ok animation since 2001.

Now with more doodling!

oie..doors was just a blast to do....
the age of innocence....

i'm still in it!!


Yeah, I really like the Door. Although I think the Box short is still my sentimental favorite. For some reason I think the part when the fish joins them is just too funny. I also really like the text animation you did to that Catnip song.

And stay tooned for another ape-amation soon.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."


we want more!!!




cant wait to see it ape :D

pascal-im making an animation
everyone-YAY YOU RULE!

ape-im making an animation
everyone-YAY YOU RULE

thunder-im going to make an animation soon
everyone- ..........
one guy-go home ya jerk

lol :D

You're really becoming an inspiration to me! I've run across some of your other animations.

I'm just starting with flash...and animation period. I'll be happy to be a quarter as good as you hehe.


Cartoon Syndicate project

Think about it this way..
I've never had animation classes... and i am able to do what I do.
YOU are going to have training, AND you will benefit from the things I and other do.

YOU will most surely become not just "as good"(sigh) as me, but probably better, and different !

good journey, and welcome aboard!


hehe, actually no classes here either. just ideas, trial and error and watching loads of my favorite toons and animations til my eyes bleed.

oh, and i think i've gotten all of your office pieces watched. they're fantastic.


Cartoon Syndicate project

Starting on your own

If you are doing animations on your own I highly suggest this fantastic book called The Animator's Survival Kit

It has loads and loads of information. A great help to budding and seasoned animators.

yeah, i've nearly bought it sooooooooo many times. but every time i start leafing through it. I see things i can either figure out on my own, or already kinda know about and just need to practice. so i put it back on the shelf til the next time i almost buy it. hehe.


Cartoon Syndicate project

wow, truely amazing...

i've been looking through the other animations on your site and i think every one of them is great... i just love the style...

make me wanna start animating :P

where do you find all the catchy music?

Hey wasn't it for the 'defi des fous'? I heard the theme was 'tomatoes'?
Great animation byt the way!

and..of course.. you can vote for it now!!


hey pascal when are you going to start your own blog?

i think you can get a blog on blogger for free with free image hosting.

I would visit it everyday

please start one? :(
please? :D

you wouldn't believe the number of people that have asked that thunderobot
oddly enough.....more because of my" sketch of the day" stuff than animations.

by the way... here's my sketch for today..