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musician looking for animators to work with

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musician looking for animators to work with


I'm a musician looking to find an animator for a project I'm working on- it's a fun electronic project of about 9 songs with a lot of beeps, drum machines and arpeggios.

As well as this I would also be willing to provide soundtracks/sound effects (for free) for any animators, just for the fun of it and because I like writing music.

If anybody's interested in collaborating on any projects then drop me a line, and I can give you some examples of what I do.

You should check into local colleges. I think you will have a better chance of finding an animator if you could meet with them.

That's actually a fantastic idea. When I was a student we would practically climb over each other to get to a talented musician who offered their services/collaboration. Some of the best student works I've seen have come from tight collaborations like this.

Producing solidily ok animation since 2001.

Now with more doodling!

thanks guys- there are at least three colleges in my local area- I'll get in touch with them and see what happens

If you have any experience creating song parodies and cartoony stuff, I'd love to hear from you. In the very near future, our company will be looking for a talented musician or two that can do it all. Let me know if youre interested.

Hi there, I am a third year student who would be interested in calloborating with u, I have a story at its storyboard stage, its quite dark and chilling. I can email u the pics to see if its something ur intrested in.