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"cartoony sounds"

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"cartoony sounds"

does anyone heve or know where I can get toon sounds


Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Was there some talk about licensing on another thread? I recall the thread might have been about music and sound FX.


I was felling a little overwhelmed living in a small one horse town everybody around here thinks I should give up on this crazy idea and content myself with the cattle business. But I believe in it and all though it is taking me around 10 hours for every 30 seconds of animation and all the software and tools have all but wasted my savings account. I am starting to see that I might have some talent and it is good to know that there are people out there that really do care about this art form. So from Hicksville USA
a grateful and very tired Laserguy says “Thanks for the help guys”

Lots of creative geniuses have come outta the sticks... look at the southpark guys!

With computers and the internet, no one truly lives in the sticks anymore unless they want it that way, there are always resources just a mouse click away. The town I live in isn't much over 10,000 people. And if you want to do major shopping you have to travel about 40 miles up the interstate.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

As far as sounds go, you could try recording them yourself. It can be alot of fun.

To get that "Boing" and "Twang" sound, pick up a jaw harp and go to town. Until recently, most sound effects were just created with every day objects. It's really the best way to get exactly the sound you're looking for.

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Now with more doodling!

And if you record them yourself, it won't sound like everyone else's animations that use those sounds.

Producing solidily ok animation since 2001.

Now with more doodling!


I love the idea my mind is swiming with ways to create sounds. I think a swimming mind sounds like this
Swoosh zap ahha

Party on boys

Your sure right about the internet "shoot" I found this place on line. Now I’ve sort of retired "Bought the Farm" so to speak, I have horses now “wow” do I love saddling up Dusty and going for an evening ride. I had to live in the city most all of my life, so very glad to have finally gotten out, spent my life developing lasers. I still do some consulting work from time to time but now I’m 5 miles from the nearest paved road. It’s funny out here in the middle of nowhere we set up a Laser Lab & Job shop. Business has been growing and I had to start a 2nd shift It has worked out well I run the night shift so as the machines are running I am learning how to animate and developing games. I have a felling though just as I get good at it Alzheimer’s will set in and… what was I talking about? Oh ya the internet, I remember when my phone was on a party line, looks like the party idea caught on.