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Which is the best school

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Which is the best school

I have recently graduated from High School and would like to go into Animation, digital matte painting, visual effects, ect. I have just toured UNC-Charlotte, UNC-Greensboro,and plan to visit UNC-Ashville, North Carolina School of the Arts and Savannah College of Art and Design.

While the "traditional" art education will advance my fudamental skills, I get the impression they are not up to speed with the digital art industry. SCAD has the most attractive programs and seem to be on track, but it is VERY expensive. Ringling rates the same as SCAD on both programs and cost.

Please send me your opinions of these schools and others. Also any suggestions on how I should structure my education (majors, courses, ect.) so I will be employable when I graduate would be very extremely appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Hi there!
I'm not very informative when it comes to school around the east coast, but if you would like to study animation/matte painting/visual effects, it might be keen to study in the west coast, around Hollywood or San Fransico.

For animation, you could try Cal Arts, I heard they have the best animation course in the US (since they were supported by Disney, but not anymore). I personally attend the Pasadena Art Center College of Design. We don't have animation, but we are starting a minor in Entertainment Design which will be branched out in Entertainment Arts and Entertainment Design. Arts will deal with the story/concepting storyboards/scripts. While Entertainment Design will be dealing with concept/designin props/vehicles/etc.

The Academy of Arts in San Fransico also has courses in Animation and I heard Pixar recruites regualry from there.

For 3-D stuff, try Gnomon Studios in Hollywood. They have a 10 week course in Maya, Renderman, etc. They also have analog courses taught by top professionals in the industry.

Hope this helps and good luck!

Digipen in Seattle is a decent choice for 3d art.

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