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Traditional Animation to 35mm film HELP!!

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Traditional Animation to 35mm film HELP!!

Hello to everyone
We are producing a 20 minute hand drawn animation to be finished on 35mm film but we don't know the technical process.
we have to digitalise the single frames to be able to edit the movie and work the soundtrack, but how do we put the final to film?? what's the best solution for quality?

thanks for any help that anyone can give me on this issue, better with previous experience.

Also we are looking for animators who want to work september to november here in Barcelona, high detail b/w animated characters, textures, backgrounds, morphing. experience a must. you can see a frame of the style at
where we have been nominated for a video clip of the band Ojos de Brujo.

mosaic project

Typically the drawings are first filmed frame-by-frame directly onto 35mm. After it is all on film, a telecine with timecode/keycode burn-in is done fromthe film so that it can be edited, mixed with sound, etc. After it is all edited, the cutlist is then used to cut the original film with the editorial decisions. Double-check with your post house on their exact process, but that's the general gist of it.

If I didn't explain any of that properly, let me know, and I'll try my best. ;-)

Jason Scott