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Independent animation dvd's

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Independent animation dvd's

Just looking for a couple of opinions. I was in the mood to order an animation dvd and was wondering if any one had any suggestions. I bought the last Spike and Mike collection (mostly for Dr. Tran) about 6 monthes ago and the "Ryan" special edition last month and was looking for something along the line of independent shorts.

Just didn't know if anyone could suggest any other Spike and Mike collections. Also curious if anyone had seen the "Animation Show" dvd or any of the Plympton ones.

If there are any other dvd collections that you feel are interesting, please let me know.



One of my favorite animators . . .

. . . is Norman McClaren. At last check there were no McClaren collections, but there are independent animation collections that feature his work. Why don't you check out the DVD Leonard Maltin's Animation Favorites From the National Film Board of Canada (1994). Great creative work on this DVD.

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Definately get Plympton! I was lucky to see his "hair High" feature film and "Guard dog" last year at a festival, and as always he delivered.
If you can find anything by Frederic Back, Caroline Leaf, hell... any dvds by the National film board of Canada you should get it!

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