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Photo Manipulation

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Photo Manipulation

Hello all. Usually just post in the daily thread and wasn't quite sure how photo manipulations were received here, but I thought I would give it a chance.

A little back story: My friend has a dog named Teddy that recently became very sick. While he was sick, my friends parents went on vacation to Hawaii. Needless to say, they were upset to have to leave the dog while he wasn't doing so well. Luckily the dog started feeling much better while they were away and my friend came to me with an idea. We wanted to send her parents, while they were still away, pictures of Teddy's own vacation.

So with a digital camera, a lot of dog treats, and an extreme amount of time on my hands I give you "Teddy From Around the Globe!"

From the Eiffel Tower!

From the Grand Canyon!

From the Coliseum!

and From Niagra Falls!



I think these dogs use really

I think these dogs use really beautiful. But I wonder why you took the photostock watermarked pictures. I am sure you can make your own or even paint them and share here with us.

Actually you are right. But

Actually you are right. But he was manipulating with a photo, so maybe his main idea was to show something to us. I would not be so blunt about paintings though. It is is not so easy to create one. Look at and you will see that their portraits really brighten one's day. Because these paintings are done by professionals, so better to ask them to reproduce the image of this beautiful dog. An amateur can hardly do the same task as beautifully.