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Need Innovative, fun animator

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Need Innovative, fun animator

My mistake...some people take themselves too seriously. I'll bet the same nasty replies I got were from the same people who exhibit road rage.

Thanks to all you kind, thoughtful animators who told me the truth in a nice way. I appreciate it. Obviously being on the other side of the microphone I didn't realize the sore spot I would hit. I was ignorant of the time it would take, frankly, I got bad advice from someone who I thought knew what was involved.

To you nasty individuals - I hope I never have to work with such bitter, angry's animation, not surgery - don't be so serious.

Up to ten minutes of full animation all by my lonesome with the possibility that it might all wind up being done for squat? Sign me up! :D

Better yet hire another seven people to do the same amount of work and you've got yourself a feature! Make sure they do it for free though...gotta pinch pennies where it counts.

Scattered: Boy, I sense a lot of sarcasm in the tone of your writing. If you're not willing to slave away for free on some big-name voice talent's 10 minute short, then you obviously don't have the passion and love of the art that it takes to "make it" in this industry.

Also, as a side note, I'm looking for 9 talented ambitious people who have a passion and love of the animation arts to work on my feature film. There is no pay but a possibility of lots of recognition*. please e-mail me if interested.

*for me

Hey, I'm actually looking for a team of 5 very talented and passionate people to take care of my lawn. It's full of weeds and is the grass is dead in a few places. There is no pay, but once I have a beautiful lawn, I'll give you a big 'thank you'. If all goes well I'll might even tell my neighbors about you! Apply now and I'll even let you mow my lawn for free. Just think about all the (sun) exposure you'll be getting!

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Okay, so this is the usual BS offering.

Sorry for being blunt with the term BS, but that is what it is.

The expectation here is that someone will do 7-10 minutes of animation, ether by hand or by computer.
So if one goes by the old film rate there's as many as 14 THOUSAND frames of work to be done.
There's more than one character because there's other voices indicated, and there's likely designs that need to be done for this too. Every character after one essentially doubles, triples, quadruples etc. the frame rate.......and any effects on top of that. Its its CGI, then builds have to be done, rigging...textures......

All for no pay.


For someone whose "established" as a writer and voice actor--not even offering up a chintzy token amount of $500 for the effort--this is an insult.
The going rate is around $1000 per minute these days.

Since the expectation is that "money could be made" on this project and the chose animator MIGHT get something from it after its made..........geez.
All this and there's no name to acknowledge here.

C'mom, bud--and the rest of the IDIOTS out there thinking to foist this kind of scam--use your goddamn heads.
You can take the loss at the outset, and write off the expense on your taxes as a business expense. this way you get a dedicated product, from a likely professional and its something that can be used.
Offering no pay means the offer has no spine behind it, is half-assed, amateurish and shouldn't be taken seriously.

Here's a serious question for akebonofan: would you write professionally or do voice work for no pay? If not, then why the hell would you expect anyone to animate for no pay??

Mark Evanier was right....

"We all grow older, we do not have to grow up"--Archie Goodwin ( 1937-1998)

i find it funny that a Hollywood big name writer and VO artist dosent have a $7-$10k budget even ....

haha, this thread makes me giggle!

for one, I'm dedicated, but even I wouldn't do that. unless there was some serious promise of possible high recognition at the end.

It's funny though, good effort.;)

Why would I do your idea for free when I have plenty of ideas of my own that I can work on for no pay? And I've done short films before and professional V.O. work. Why be exploited by someone else when I'm more than qualified to exploit myself...?

(Cue cheesy cliche' sitcom punchline)

Usually the whole point of exploiting myself is that no one else is involved. Er, wait, are we still talking about animation?

Good replies, guys. Especially Ken. I too am sick of seeing this... Liek 7-10 minutes of animation can just magically appear at the push of a button, so why pay for it?

Anyways, I need to get to work now. They don't pay me either, but maybe SOMEDAY. Keeping my fingers crossed that Ubisoft makes a profit...

"Don't want to end up a cartoon in a cartoon graveyard" - Paul Simon

So very kind of you...

Thanks for all those nasty, sarcastic replies....
When I was starting out - I did a lot of voice work and writing for free to get established. A few of those "freebies" paid off in spades and my career got going.
I guess I wasn't writing to you very successful animators. I was looking for someone who wanted a place to start...I won't make that mistake again.


Hi akebonofan, welcome to the AWN Forums. Sorry your first experience was a bad one. Free work is a bit of a sore spot here, and there are several new offers of free work a week. The thing is 7-10 minutes of realistic animation is going to take a long time. For one person working full time... probably several months. Thats a lot of time to be working for free. You might get some people that are willing to help you out, but I think the response here is more along the lines of what you will get.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

7-10 months would take bout 2 months of atleast 50 hours a week of animation and that woudl prolly be just for keys. god knows how long the IB clean up and digital work would be. its a solid 4-5 month project full time for someone by himself.

When I was starting out - I did a lot of voice work and writing for free to get established. A few of those "freebies" paid off in spades and my career got going.

I certainly don't mean to belittle what you do, but honestly if you think about the amount of work needed to do 7-10 minutes of voice work for numerous characters, that might be how many hours? I'm sure it could be done all in one day (8 hours of work).

We animators just get this all the time, that what we do must be easy, and therefore we can just do "favors" for people whenever we want. You don't even know how many requests as artists we get to draw something for someone, a poster, design a character or a flyer and they never want to pay for it!

Even if you did find a student or someone who is willing to do it for free, because of their lack of experience, do you honestly believe you'll get something very high quality? Hey, good luck even getting them to finish it. As soon as a real paying gig shows up, They'll drop your project like a ton of bricks. At that point, you'll need a miracle to get them back on your project.

Best bet: Get some serious dough, (and I don't mean some lame amount like $200, but a few thousand) and you'll have the attention of many people who will give you some good looking animation and who will actually finish it as well.

Flash Character Packs, Video Tutorials and more:

.... you have no "street credit"

Also you gave NO details to who you are or what the project is. You just stink of the stench of scam. Maybe if you had a project underway already and had work to show for it you might get some more "credit" and not met with such hostility from artists. As of now your some identity-less screen with no project to show.
Character Animator - Lucas Arts

another helpful website?

You may wanna give the crowd over at Animation Nation a shot at it?
Im sure they'd be happy to discuss this with you..;)

Thanks for all those nasty, sarcastic replies....
When I was starting out - I did a lot of voice work and writing for free to get established. A few of those "freebies" paid off in spades and my career got going.
I guess I wasn't writing to you very successful animators. I was looking for someone who wanted a place to start...I won't make that mistake again.


Yea and a lot of doctors, plumbers, airline pilots and assorted other professions also do "freebies" to get their careers established and get them going.

Yea, right.

The sarcasm is deserved mate, experienced animator or newcomer--you are not offering anything worth the while of anyone. If you are not interested in us "successful" animators, then you WILL make "that mistake" again. And again, and again and again. You know what the payment is for??

C'mon, try for an answer.

Its for accountablity.

You fork over the bucks and then someone can be bound by an agreement to produce the work to a standard you can use.
Offer nothing and they can churn out whatever kind of crap they feel like, whenever they like with no respect for your needs. Now, does that sound promising?

The "offer" you've made is like THOUSANDS that get posted on forums like this all over the 'Net. The people making the offers never think it through, and they get all uppity when they get told off.

Its a wonderfully "kind" thing you are saying/offering: "I think so little of you and your craft that I want you to toil away your time and risk reward for something only I will likely gain anything out of."
If you were serious about your "project" you'd spend a iota of your effort learning about the business you want to tap into.

But you don't because its beneath you.

Just a means to an end.

No wonder people like myself take insult.

"We all grow older, we do not have to grow up"--Archie Goodwin ( 1937-1998)

Your request is straight boilerplate of the kind of "opportunities" that we see all the time:

*Nebulous description of a fantastic/groundbreaking/revolutionary idea
*Unsupported claim of professional status in the entertainment industry and/or access to significant contacts who will "definitely" be interested in finished product.
*Request for uncompensated work
*Assurances of "terrific exposure"
*Weak promise of potential remuneration on the "back end"
*Closing sentence promising great things if only we respond

All you have to do is fill in the blanks and post on a site, and you're one of thousands of people who want something for nothing.

And you wonder why the artists here take exception?

How about offering up something up first? Who are you, exactly? I went to the Voicetrax West site, but I couldn't find anyone with your email address. So who are you? Are you Lauri? Or Susan? Or Chuck? Or Nathan? Or Cindy? Or Jan? Or Mr. Clean? If you expect someone to work with you for free, surely you can drop the cloak of anonymity, right?

Akebonofan, you might have wanted to post this in the Animator's Coop section to start off with. That's what that section is all about. Another reason to think before you post, and maybe look around a little, until you take the dive and make your first few posts.

Welcome to AWN, it's not always this way, you just hit a sore spot.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Noone should take akebonofan offer seriously. For the kind of work that was being asked for, (he / she) should at least know the people (he / she) is asking and they should know (him / her). I am sure that there are a few of you that would do free work for a friend but for someone you don't know... I don't pick up hitch-hikers, but I would give a friend a free ride to where ever they wont to go.

Welcome to AWN, it's not always this way, you just hit a sore spot™.

I bought that T-shirt from the main site last March!

Hey Scattered, ever tell you I think you're cute.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

C'mon now - don't make me turn the hose on you two... ;)

haha! nice one:D

This is my kind of thread! I'd join in but it appears we all have the same opinion on this one! Send 'em to craigslist! He can join the millions of other unprofessionals looking for handouts.