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Help! I need an intensive 2d animation program, with focus on good drawing skills.

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Help! I need an intensive 2d animation program, with focus on good drawing skills.

Hello! this is my first post here at the AWN forums. I'm currently a student from Norway, and I want to study traditional 2d animation outside of Norway (there isn't really any courses in Norway that offer a solid education in 2d animation).

First let me say that I will be going to The drawing school in Viborg, Denmark ( in Januar 2006. I'm doing this in order to improve my drawing skills, aswell as to build a nice portofolio.

My plans are to apply to the Bachelor in Character animation, at the animation workshop in Denmark (at the same school), which teaches 1 year in traditional 2d animation and 1 year in 3d animation. But I also discovered that Capilano College in Vancouver, Canada offers a intensive (2-year period) 2d animation course which seems really good. (

I'd rather not spend 3-4 years studying abroad, since I think it would turn out to be quite expensive. So I'm either looking for a intensive 1/2-year 2d animation course, it doesn't matter where it is. As long as the school has an experienced faculty crew, with a passion to teach animation to the students. Aswell as high-quality student work and a focus on good drawing skills.

I read on this forum, that Sheridan previously had an 2-year animation course. But from what I can see on their page it seems that they only offer a 3/4-year bachelor program at the moment?

Anyway, my question is: Do you guys know of any other good schools that teach 2d animation, and have focus on good drawing skills with preferably a program similar to Capilano's. ? (lifedrawing, storyboarding, layout, animation, character design etc.) I need to apply to several schools, incase I don't get into The animation workshop, or Capilano. :) (which currently are my first choices)

(Btw. incase anyone was wondering, I plan to study 3d animation again back in Norway after I've finished my education in 2d animation).

If ur really looking for the best school, I suggest VFS. They r the best of all.

AM & Animation Course

Hi,Re which Academy to study in,
Another alternative after you complete your drawing course is to try for an internship at A Film Denmark,Or Estonia,Sometimes you can learn more doing this than in an Academy,And they are both goood studios.