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Is there a FAQ around here?

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Is there a FAQ around here?

If there is, I think it should be stuck on to the top of this forum board. Every few weeks, some new people come on and ask the same questions. Here's a mini FAQ... Feel free to add on to this list if you have any repetitive questions.

Q: I don't know anything about anything but I somehow fell in front of this keyboard thingy and found this website. How do I get into the animation industry?

A: Lots of hard work and dedication and 12 year old single malt scotch. Go pick up a book on animation and find out what goes into it. Here's a few to get you started:

Animators Survival Kit - Richard Williams
Illusion of Life - Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston
Acting for Animators - Ed Hooks
Cartoon Animation - Preston Blair
Maya Fundamentals

Q: One of my friends illegally downloaded a copy of X and swears by it, but another one illegally downloaded Y and swears by that. I'm confused as to which software I should spend my time illegally downloading. Which one do you guys think is better?

A: Usually, the one with the highest MSRP is better. Or with the shinier, newer website. Actually, both programs are probably used for completely different things in different situations, so each one is good for it's respective task. Find out what you want to use the software for and find out which one is better at doing that task. Also, programs don't become industry standard by sucking, so pick the one that's used by most people.

Q: I'm an Indian guy from India, and I run an animation studio in India. What do you Americans think about us Indian people stealing your jobs and doing them just as well for a fraction of the price? Also, does anyone here want any animation done for half the price that you can get it in America? Please message me.

A: Well, since many of us are animators or animation students, we're not too keen about the industry collapsing under our American feet due to the progress of a world economy. We're gonna try our damndest to stifle innovation and competition while still trying to retain our inflated salaries. (Also, I'm working on an animated series, but don't have the budget in place to make it in the States. I'd love to speak to you about how much it would cost to do it overseas. Don't tell anyone I said that.)

Q: I got my GED a few months ago and have been lazing away in my mom's basement. She came down yesterday and yelled at me to get a job... again! Anyway, I was thinking about what I should do to avoid working and I decided to go to art school. Anyone know what the best school for this type of thing is?

A: There are many factors to consider when deciding an art school, which can have far reaching effects on the rest of your life. Ah, who am I kidding? No one cares about degrees anymore! It's all about your demo reel, not your diploma. But if you insist on going to an art school (and your parents are gonna pay for it) then there's are some things to consider, namely which field of CG art you're most interested in. If you are completely sold on character animation, you could look into the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Sheridan, or the traditional animation major in Cal Arts. If you're interested in making short films, check out Ringling School of Art and Design in Florida. For a visual effects focus, check out the Vancouver Film School, and for a more general approach - if you're unsure where your focus lies and want to figure it out - check out the Savannah College of Art and Design. There are hundreds of other schools, as well as smaller trade schools (DAVE school, Full Sail), but that should get you started.

While this is extremely humorous, I'd personally be the last individual to blanket

Indian people stealing your jobs and doing them just as well

Like any place, there's a possibility for gems, a possibility for passable, and then there's why bother trying. I think there's a tradeoff. I admire the work ethic in the east but there's not a lot of vitality in it. Then again, the work they do for us I mostly see on TV, and the work we do for ourselves I mostly see in the theatre. It's probably not a fair comparison.

How about the basic how do I sell my film threads?

Or which School is better?

And I agree with Scattered about your India/industry thread. I think you ought to edit your post and delete that one. It's just inflamatory.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

I think you are both missing the point completely. It's satire! Doesn't matter if its indian, korean, or purple people. If you find anything inflammatory in it then you are looking to hard.
Character Animator - Lucas Arts

heh heh...I thought the post was hillarious. as matt says...great satire.

Is there a FAQ thread?

You can follow the rabbit further down the hole right here

"All we have to decide is what to do with the time that has been given to us." ---Gandalf

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