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Whats important in choosing Partners?

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Whats important in choosing Partners?

Hi, I was just curious:

Whats the most important thing in choosing partners or freelancers for group animation projects?

Thanks Blue, that was really insightful!
- Om


Why not to ask for references.... real references ..not the testimonials from their site.
When I am thinking about new partnership wether we are going to act as outsourcing company or we want to hire someone I alway try to get as much independent information as I can. Actually if to dig deep you will always find an information on everyone on Internet.

Thanks Anna. Good point.

I think that it's vital to see lots of examples of their work, so you can get a really good feel of what kind of quality they can produce. If they don't have enough work for you to guage their talent, you can give them a test and can stress what you are looking for in the test. Once you know that their style will work with yours, the next factor then becomes their work ethic. Are they able to hit deadlines? Are they good at keeping contact with you? The only way to find these things out are to do a project with them. Make sure you do a small project first to test the waters. If they prove themselves, and you are satisfied, then you can feel more comfortable working on bigger projects with them.

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Personality. I'd much rather work with someone who's easy to work with and is not as skilled than a great animator who rubs me the wrong way. We can collaboratively work around lack of skill, but I can't work around a prickly personality.

Work ethic comes next. What projects has the person completed? How ambitious were these projects?

Finally, skill.