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Ark'meth Gallery (Anime/Medieval)

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Ark'meth Gallery (Anime/Medieval)

Just registered today. I checked out some really cool drawings from members of this community and i must say i'm glad i found this forum, and i'm amazed by the amount of talent in this place ^_^ So, just because i feel i belong here, i´m gonna open up my own little gallery. come check it out!!! its FREEEEE!!!! weeee!!!! i hope you enjoy my stuff. comments are always welcome!!!

Here's the first one:
My version of the Roman Urban Cohort. I've been playing Rome:Total War for the past few days and thought i should make my own versions of soldiers from SPQR. I used a blue 0.7 mech pencil for this. It was gonna be a rought sketch and i was planning to ink it and color it afterwards, but i decided i'd just finish it up with details in blue. I hope you like it!!!!

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Dreams are for idiots and fools... so you shall call me Sir Idiot N. D'fool :cool:

Dreams are for idiots and fools...
so you shall call me Sir Idiot N. D'fool :cool:


Here are some of my older drawings... done in the beginning of this year if i remember correctly. this guy is supposed to be a gladiator. i used to call him Arguile, til i found out that the Scottish name Argyle actually exists. (in braveheart, William Wallace's uncle is called Argyle)
Anyways, hope you like the char designs.

Dreams are for idiots and fools...
so you shall call me Sir Idiot N. D'fool :cool:

wicked designs, look forward to seeing other characters! your "camera" angles are nice on the charac. too! ...more! more!

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Excellent work

those are some really cool drawings. you seem to be really into gladiators and warriors eh. :)
you also seem to have a good knowledge of anatomical proportions....

Diggin the designs here! Kudos

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That stuff is terrific! I really like the one at the bottom where he's reachign towards us--great sense of motion, depth, and foreshortening. Something I can study and work towards. Keep it coming, I need the inspiration.

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very nice drawings. good construction and very solid. although the copyright thing on each image is kind of annoying. but it does prevent me from stealing your drawings and claiming them as my own, which i was planning on doing. haha naw, not really. really good stuff! i hope to see more of your work.

Really good stuff Ark. Very clean lines and nice work with the masks. It gives a very dark edge to the upper half. The pose where he's reaching for his sword reminds me of a comic book punch.

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Very cool. I especially like the one done in blue - and the angles of course.