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Are there integrated courses in animation and sound?

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Are there integrated courses in animation and sound?

Helloo.. this is Ranjit from India. I would love to know if there are any colleges in the world that offers integrated courses for both animation as well as sound. I mean i have had previous 1.2 years experience at a popular animation studio(futurethought productions). Also i have been now one year old on the new media design program at a premier design institute. However, now that i am making a sudden switch back to animation, i would like to really know if possible, are there any courses offered abroad that offer equal weightage to sound as well as animation. I mean "customized courses" where sound design and animation are both taught for someone who would want to choose their course structure that way. Instead of just an introduction to sound design inside an animation program or the other way around.

Since i am starting to apply as soon as possible i would defintiely be very happy to get any feedback on this.

thank you so much!