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Indian Animation Schools

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Indian Animation Schools

Hi ppl,
I wanted to know your thoughts about animation training institutes in India. I've researched on a few big names, but on the outset, everything seems the same to me, a fresher. Places like Pentamedia ( a 6 month residential course there ), Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics ( their Professional Diploma in 3D ), Toonz Academy ( trivandrum ), National Institute of Design's Graduate & post-Graduate programs in Design ( Ahmedabad) are a few that I've come across. Can you share your experiences/thoughts on where to be trained, with an eye onto the future, in a career in Indian 3D animation. ? I do not have formal training in drawing, so am pretty much reliant on my 3d & computer skills. I would be greatly thankful if you could guide me on what my plan-of-action should be to enter into animation in India.

Also, Mumbai seems to be the animation hub in India, with due respect to excellent studios in other cities. My idea is to find a training institute at Mumbai, which can get me there. Your thoughts on this are most welcome.

Thanks for your time & thoughts,