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Here are some old stuff along with some new.

Nice drawings. Cat's and toilet paper, it can be such fun. And it's amazing how many square feet of a home a single roll of paper can be scattered through.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

This might be a record for time between posts!


+1 with waheednasir's comments!

Thanks for sharing

Lol. How very true!

Thank you for the compliment. I hope to post more drawings to this thread in the future.

RandyToons, thee_nethken - Thanks for compliment

You could say that he was being a bit of a hog - Okay, that's bad. ;)

Here's a quick drawing I just finished.

good stuff!... my favorite is the booty shot :D

Seriously, though. Well done... ;)



Thank you. I've seen your work (and your friend's). Very good stuff as well!

Nice Tooning!

Life Drawing

Oye, it's been a while. It's amazing how time flies with life events.

I thought I'd get back on the 'saddle' again and so I've been trying to draw at least 10-20 minutes everyday. Here are some sketches I did from a life drawing session.

Additional life drawing

Here's some more...

Thanks... :) .... I'd like to see more of your work.


I take it the pig was asking for it!!


Cute pic and good drawing!

thats good, u are doing just the right thing...drawing from life.

nice work.


Hahaha, yea - been a little busy. :o

Thanks waheednasir for compliment.

Here's something I did for a coworker to give as a present to their friend for Chinese New Year. Gong Hey Fat Choi everyone!

Cute drawing! You have nice work here

Here's something new...

What did you do to that kid to get that expression held long enough to draw it? :D

I'm sorry to spoil the illusion but I drew his likeness from an ad just because I couldn't resist his expression! Thank you for the comment... made me laugh. :)

Here's a drawing I did at the request of a co-worker's son who is an aspiring writer. He's seven. The imagination of kids never fails to amaze me. Here's a small portion of it:

One day at Father Zanon school two cool kids Ethan and Brandon got hit by green super slime and got cool powers. Ethan could control the weather and Brandon could turn into anything he wanted. They used their powers to get some smiles at school like Brandon turning into a monkey and pulling Jakes pants down in front of the hole school...

Some new life drawings

I've been poring over anatomy books for the last few months at work during my lunch breaks (what my coworkers must think) and I think it`s slowly starting to sink in. I know I still have much to learn. Lighting next. :D

and some more...

The last one is a drawing I copied from the Cyclopedia Anatomicae in an effort to help me understand the anatomy of a cat (it's not bang on but I kind of like it) and the guy with barbell is from an ad - I just liked his stance and expression and wanted to capture it.

some excellent work there, loving the anatomy drawings : D

William Wright, its you! the hero of KVATCH!


Thanks for the compliment. I checked out your sketches on Deviant - Some nice stuff there. I've been meaning to post there. Maybe soon.

Nice sketches!:)

awesome work! cats are adorable!! ^__^ your other drawings really show how well you are able to capture the positions of the human figure. keep up the good work!

Thanks, Animation girl and M_sketchbook.

Here's a finished piece I just finished of my cat, Dax.

Girl with Glasses

Hello all,

I've attached a revised version of my cat based on some observations made to me and a redo of a self portrait that morphed into an anime-styled character. I lost the original psd file a while back when my old computer crashed. Since then, I've learned the importance of back ups. :o

Planet Scloogie

This was a piece with which I won a contest a while back here. It's not my usual style of artwork, but I liked it enough that I decided to rework it and make a high-res version for myself (and then scaled back down for the web - Ha! ) :)

Whoops! Apologies if I blinded anyone with the 80's neon color scheme. Apparently I forgot to colour-calibrate my Mac. My bad. Here's a hopefully, kinder, gentler version. :o

Female hip bone

Here's another anatomy study. One of these days I will have to invest in a good skull and hip bone. The lighting in the photo I used for reference made it hard for me to discern some areas. Ah well.

I love your cartoony style and your other work is phenomenal as well! I need to get back to anatomy ......never was a strong point of mine because I loved cartoons to much...and of course as long as you have some basic anatomy cartoons can do anything lol


Hey Cartuneman,

Thanks so much for your kind words. I'm a big fan of cartoons too, but mostly anime and comic art which is one of the reasons I'm trying to learn my anatomy well so that one of these days...well who knows :D

You've got some pretty nice stuff up as well - I especially like your dragons and fairies (I've always liked fantasy art).

Here's something I quickly sketched tonight. Blue pencils, and traditional inks. I definitely need to work on my inking. Ah rome wasn't built in a day.


I was sick last weekend. To feel better, I decided to watch an anime - Laputa: Castle in the Sky. It inspired me to do this piece.

nice work - I really like that hip bone study!

Skull Sketch

Thanks thee-nethken! :)

Attached is a lateral skull view study and a link to my blog which has been taking up a fair bit of both my hubby's and my time. I am definitely blessed to have a selfless husband with web design skills.

It's a work in progress and there's still some bugs to work out but now that it's reasonably well put together I am determined to post on a more regular basis.

Skull Sketch :o

Skull Cast Drawing (Frontal View)

Attached is another skull view and a more finished drawing.

Feet and more life drawing

Feet are one of the top problem areas for me, so I decided to tackle them head-on by drawing a lot of well…feet. I decided to start from the inside out but aside from the model skull I own, I don’t yet have an actual skeleton on hand to help me gain a better understanding of what I’m drawing.

In the meanwhile, I’ve used the following references to aid me: Artistic Anatomy by Dr. Paul Richer, Figure Drawing – Design and Invention by Michael Hampton and Anatomy for the Artist by Sarah Simblet – all excellent books. Some of the studies are copies from these sources while the rest use my feet or photographs of feet as reference.

I have more images of feet as well as some recent life drawings (5-10 minute poses) which I've posted to my blog. Thanks for looking! :D

Fantasy piece in progress

Well after seeing Avatar I've decided to drop the anatomy studies for a bit to just have a little fun so I've started a fantasy piece and we'll see where it takes me. I'm beginning with greyscale, colour to follow. I've only included a cropped version for now until I ahem...figure out her outfit. ;)

Some close ups of my little personal project

It’s been a while since I’ve posted something and so I thought I would share some closeups of a digital painting that I’ve been working on, both on and off during my moments of freedom between work and errands for the last few weeks. It's still in progress but my laptop is in for repair so I am taking a forced break from it.


The Dragon's Dessert

This piece has gone through a quite a few revisions to make it to this stage but I think I am finally starting to feel better about the results…or maybe I just want this to be finished so I that can move on to the next piece and in the process save my poor hubby from any more of my outbursts. :eek: There's some lighting issues to work out which I'll likely do on another layer but I think it’s about time to start on colour. Um, does anyone know the best way to go about this in Photoshop? :D

Here are some old stuff along with some new.

I really like ur model by chair illustration. Keep it up.

Thanks Showboaten66. I'd like to get back to more life drawing once I've completed the few projects I'm working on.

Love your sketches free movement without inhibition that always makes my eyes relax and enjoy.:D

Hey, thanks Cartuneman!
I checked out your blog and it looks like you've been quite busy. The work you did on Adventure City set designs look pretty cool. I'm also lovin the warm-up doodle. Cheers!

Thanks. Man I need to update my blog ugh I went there and realized I hadn't updated it in a month or so Sorry my bad.......I've been busy. hehe I am working on a project Idea. you should contact me and I'll let you in on it.

Your work still rocks

Thanks again for joining my blog

Hey Cartoonman, You are too kind :D

No worries. I hear ya on the blog thing. It can be a challenge to keep up when there's a lot going on. I'll definitely send an email your way. Cheers!

I'll be looking forward to the e-mail your work still rocks!

I haven't posted in a while as I've been taking classes at The Toronto Cartoonist Workshop. After a showing of TRON: Legacy last night, I was inspired to draw one of the characters. I used a publicity still for reference. Cheers.

Quorra (Step 2 – Ink)

I just finished step 2 of Quorra. During (digital) inking I noticed areas that needed some changes and I think they help to make her look a little more like the original reference. I also added more of her body to the portrait. I plan on colouring it later.

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. :)