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Traditional animation around London..why so hard??

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Traditional animation around London..why so hard??

I'm wondering about working in London.. it so hard find a job as traditional animator?
It's full of animation studios in london and all around, but.. if you take a look at the job postings.. it's all 3d!
3d animators
3d TD
3d...and STOP!

so, can everybody tell me what they usually do in their 2d animation studios???
I mean.. I'd really like work in some studio in London, but they use to say:

"I'm sorry, we're not able to offer any placements right now...we are full".

my god,
My degree in animation is coming soon, on december..
can everybody give me an idea about a right way to follow?



I've been in Annecy's animation festival last week.. this year the quality of each category was really high!

"and anything else uses Flash"

In London? Are you kidding?

In production now are The Secret Show and Charlie and Lola, in production last year were Peppa Pig, 2DTV and I Am Not An Animal, these were all done with Celaction, not Flash.

If you want to work in 2D in London, I think you should learn Celaction.

hey try looking at, for 2d jobs, there may be some on there.

I'm gonna taking a look!

..thanks! :)

work in London

Keep trying - but 2D work is becoming scarcer - a few studios like Uli Meyer, Stardust etc but even they are moving over to 3D - there are lots of experienced 2D people still around so they tend to do the bulk of the 2D stuff, and anything else uses Flash - so you have to have software skills too...

Hi there..

You're right, I know, but it's so frustrating.

I know Uli Meyer studio.. what a pity.

anyway, I suppose that 3d must be used linked to 2d animation for best high quality results.
I've been watching a lots of shorts, videos, ecc.., very amazing at Annecy2005.. and the most of all were in 2d traditional, 2d flash, stop motion, or 2d combinated with 3d.
Just a few in pure 3d.
I think 3d is going to being sicking, if not well used.
..and if not, I hope it : )