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Quick 2D Toon Institute "Pencil Test"

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Quick 2D Toon Institute "Pencil Test"

1.11MB, Quicktime 640x480
MX2004 w/ intuos2 6x8

Taking the concept of someone hooping a basketball around their waist (as featured in the animation gallery on Larry's student corner sub-site). I thought it was a good action for exploring the movement of a character, so I just came up with this generic pigeon-like creature and applied it.

Haven't done the legs yet but it works pretty well for so few drawings. I just did the NSEW holding the ball positions, broke those down, and added one or two drawings where necessary to make it more fluid.

It runs three times for people who have looping turned off. I apologize if the dimensions are a bother, but I'm a stickler for a clean read.

I like it. Very short, simple, but looks fine. My suggestion would be to go into Flash animation. (You drew that in...?) I like your style, and (off topic:) that website sounds like it'll be interesting.

Hey Scattered, looks really good already. Looking forward to seeing it with legs!


Thanks. I should be posting a revision soon.

I drew it straight into Flash with a tablet. I use MX2K4 when I just want to test out a quick action or its timing, to conserve paper. No symbols or anything, straight drawing, but it looks smooth and the timeline's simple.