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I'm New to this,what would u recommend?

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I'm New to this,what would u recommend?

I’m 23 and have decided to dump my job and peruse what I’ve always wanted to do, this being special effects of the digital kind or modelling. But I have no idea where to start; I’ve looked at courses and even found a teaching facility in London (Escape Studios). I’ve done loads of reading and searching on the net and now I’m looking for your opinion/ professional advice.

-what do i need to know to get started?
-what teaching facilities would you recommend?
-What kit should I be familiar with, Hardware/Software?

Any thing else I should know?

Your input is much appreciated thank you, :D

What do you need to know? Knowing how to draw is a very basic fundamental skill for just about everything. You don't necessarily need to know it (I don't, and I'm doing ok), but it's the kind of thing that really makes things much, much easier. It's something I keep trying to work on.

If you're interested in modelling take some life drawing and sculpting classes. Those skills transfer pretty nicely to the computer.

If you're lacking direction school is a great way to go. I'm not sure of what schools to look at in the UK (I'm guessing that's where you're from). Some people swear that you don't need one, but I found that I never really got much learning done without the deadlines and guidelines of a program.

Kits? At the moment Maya is top dog of the VFX world, but things change. A number of places use XSI/Softimage and 3D Studio, and a few Lightwave. But if you learn Maya you should be able to transfer those skills to another software without too much pain.

Compositing for film? Shake is great. But things change very quickly in the industry. Toxic and Nuke are being met with some enthusiasm. Basically any node based compositing software should cover the basics that you could pick up whatever a studio is using.

Basically, try to choose a software kit that's widely used and high end. Then you should be in a position to learn any other equivalent or low end software. Learn to learn about CG and you'll do fine.

And as always, try to network and meet people actually doing it. When you have the skills they'll be your most likely "in" into the industry.

Good luck!

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i wouldnt recommend any courses for this at the moment

id say but your self a camera and a computer and start having fun making little films and effects gags

share your progress with poeple on effects forums and learn from there

that and lots of focus on classic art techniques will set you out from the pack
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school is NOT helpful

I'd take victorthroe's advice. School is a waste of time right now. Until there's a school you can freely attend to learn some more advanced skill sets, I'd stay away from schools in general. Instead, take online courses, read books, and so on.

I'm persuing a career in digital art and programming. What I plan to do is set up a large portfolio full of all the projects I've ever worked on. If someone likes what I've done, they can hire me for their project(s). I won't be ready to enter the industry for another couple years, though.

Hello Kiddy13,

just want to say thanks.

i had a meeting with Escape studios in London today, your advice brought me up to speed. They basically told me the same. Gonna aim for digital composition using Shake. hopefully get the ball rolling in August.

thanks :D


No problem. Shake is alot of fun. Good luck on you're new career path!


Producing solidily ok animation since 2001.

Now with more doodling!

i dont want you to misinterpret my words. i think a formal education in animation is excellent, any form of higher education is valuable for the learning experience.

i just feel to get the most out of a degree etc, you have to come to the table with something in the first place. or you will be just continually be playing catch up to everyone else.

much better to play with your own work for a year, get a visual voice of your own and then you will be in a better place to choose the school thats rght for you.

i certainly wouldnt bother paying for knowledge when you are starting out. there are plenty of free resources out there with a friendly community willing to help

why not get talking with some folks in education and shadow them
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