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PIXAR Animators

Hi guys, I am a former Pixar animator and 3d instructor at the Academy of Art College of San Francisco. I am just wondering if there are some professional coleaques around in this Forum.

Haven't ever worked at Pixar, but I do earn my living from animation, and have for over 10 years. I'm even geographically close - just down the peninsula.

Do you ever go to ASIFA-SF meetings? Let me know next time you're going and I'll introduce myself.

There are indeed a handful of professionals hangin out here. Many of us are 2D animators however... not that that should matter. And no I'm NOT goinna open THAT can of worms again! ;)

Hi Nichita and welcome to the Forums. While I don't work at PIXAR, I work at Cartoon Network on "Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends." We do have a bunch of things in common though. I'm taking classes at Animation Mentor that was started but a fellow PIXAR animator, Bobby, and I also graduated from the Academy of Art, back when it was only a College, and not a University :D

Good to have you around.

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You might want to try posting over in the Educator's forum. The profs hang out over there most of the time:

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

No way man, hang out here with us! Would love to hear your opinions and critiques.

Welcome Nichita,

Professionals do hang out here from time to time. People at Cartoon Network, Rhythm and Hues and bunch of other places. I'm a character animator at THQ games.

Welcome to the forums! Pull up a comfy chair.


Welcome Nichita,

I too am working in the biz, adn have been for 14 years now, directing this and that... For this network and that network. Not Pixar quality stuff, but decent TV stuff nonetheless.


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Lots of pro's here!


Splatman :D


I have all of the Pixar DVDs.
I even have some Pixar laserdiscs.

a gods in the house.

were not worthy

hiya Nichita!
I'm a 3d character animator working in Portugal for a Spanish studio (too complicated to explain)... trying to get to the US. and guys, we are worthy!

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Welcome to AWN, Nichita! It's GREAT to have a Pixar animator here! :D

I'm just a lowly student, but I'd hate to pass up an oppertunity to speak to a Pixar animator. You guys are the greatest! :D

"Animation isn't about how well you draw, but how much to believe." -Glen Keane

You're not lowly, Mew. Anyone who's seen your work here knows that. Especially not a lowly -student-. Let's save the humility for when it really counts :D

Lol, that was supposed to be a joke Scattered. Thanks anyway though :).

"Animation isn't about how well you draw, but how much to believe." -Glen Keane

Yep, clear on that. I just liked the opportunity to give credit where it's due.

Of the German animation-wannabes at this board, I bother people the most. Jabbering comes with the nickname. The interesting/informational bits are either in italics or bold upper-case. (RABID, PENCIL-EATING GORILLA ON THE LOOSE!) Disregard the rest.


I was hoping that a Pixar animator would drop in. I wrote Pixar a letter with a few questions but I know that there is only a one percent chance that they would reply. Sure would like to pick all those brains.

nichita, hi there! I have been thinking of attending the online program at Academy of Art, but I don think I am going to be able to switch schools. Do you think that by utilising something like along with the BS in Animation course I am taking online at another school I should be able to get the skills ets I need? I appreciate your help in advance!

I think anything addressed to Pixar goes to the Dead Letter Office nowadays =)


The more the merrier. Welcome!

It seems like the big guns have moved on. No Misters Beck or Shumway anymore, for starters.

Ho hum.

Yippie ! welcome !

Welcome to the boards! I'm a student but you are in the company of other professionals here. Educators, TV, and film alike.

Hi there!
I'm no professional but I just wanted to welcome you here :D
How many movies did you work on at Pixar?


I have a million other questions to ask just so you know ;) Pixar is my favorite animation studio right now :D