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Animation Festivals?

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Animation Festivals?

;) Hi people how are u all doing.

Can anyone tell me the festivals that are taking place this year and maybe the websites to pint me in the right direction, as i am student hoping to get my work oout there.
Thanku People and keep u the good work.


The University Film/Video Association also has a great listing of festivals. Their list incorporates one of the best listings of festivals specifically for students or which have a student category. It's a good idea to submit to a range of festivals ... student, regional, national, international.

Good luck, Marla

oh my

there are literally thousands to enter(exageration alert)

without trying to spam, go to the forums on

there is a festivals specific forum there which lists loads of festivals and their web addresses.

i have entered about 40 in the last month
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There was a post on this last month. Go to the Academy Awards site; when you look into the rules and regulations they have a huge animation-specific listing of film festivals.