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Keebler Elves TV commercials

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Keebler Elves TV commercials

I was curious who is responsible for the Keebler Elves commercials. They have very solid 2D animation and I have great respect for their work. I have noticed that my style tends to fall in that similar direction and would like to find out who is the creative force behind it. Anyone?

Um... I don't know who does those, but I really like them too. My favorite cartoon commercials are the Trix Cereal ones, though. The fluidity of motion and how everthing "squashes and stretches" perfectly, is amazing.

Silly rabbit... :rolleyes:


WHat I like about the commercials is that they haven't changed the cartoony character design since they originally appeared (I mean think how many times Snap,Crackle, Pop has changed or many characters)

train33rhapsody, I would bet a whole box of cookies that when you discover the studio, they do a multitude of styles and it is not always the same studios each and every time that animate the same product characters.

i really like the animation of the cocoa puffs bird. The trix ones are cool too. It seems these the comercials are the closest thing to full animation we can get nowadays.
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Keebler Elves

Hi , I have done work for a studio that used to be in Denver called Celluloid Studios. I never worked on the Keebler Elves but I do know that they did some of the commmercials.

Celluloid was bought by Will Vinton studios a while back and has moved to Portland. I'm not sure if they still have a Keebler account but it's worth a check.

I would check out or perhaps Celluloid has an offshoot website.

hope that helps some

Other traditional 2D companies?

Does anyone else know of some of the other Disney/Warner Bros. old school animation companies out there? You know, those companies that are still succeeding with 2D, be it commercials or other small work similar. Any info. is greatly appreciated.