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walk cycle

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walk cycle

i was watching "foster's home for imaginary friends" yesterday and it inspired me to make this little walk cycle. hope ya like it.

Fos-terrific! The tapering and especially the leg movement, I can totally see in a FH episode. Hell, even the coloring is a good fit. Care to give a run down?

I may be easily pleased (I don't think so) but I'm totally impressed.

Really nice walk cycle brien. Great overlapping action and drag with the arms and hands. The arms seem to stick a bit at their widest point, but that just might be glitchy play back. Very nice work. I like how you even put in alittle bounce to his hair. Good design too, a very moveable character. I'd love to see more of your work.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

I dig the fact that he went the extra step of creating more dimensionality in the connection of the arms/shoulders to the chest/torso area.

hey thanks a lot for the compliments. im glad you liked it. its definatly rad that you liked it animated ape, since you work on the awesomely cool show that inspired me to do this kind of style. that was the first time i had ever seen that show, since i was previously without cable tv, but i absolutly love the style of the visuals in that show.

and to scatterlogical, thanks man, i appreciate it. as for the run down, i guess that means to explain how i did it? well everything is done in flash, and i just built the character, set all the key poses, and motion tweened it. of course i did the main movement first (legs, body, arms) then the secondary movement...second (hands, hair, head). thats about it i suppose. here are some older animations ive done animated ape, ive had them on here before so sorry to anyone who have already seem 'em.

this is a small scene form an animated short im working on. its all traditionally animated then scanned in and colored.

this is an old flash project from my flash class. this was from when i was first learning flash, so please excuse the crude drawings/animation. and also i procrastinated and ended up doing it at the last minute, so theres a point where i ran out of time and just put a bunch of goofy stuff in. oh and it has music, so turn on your speakers for maximum enjoyment.

anyways, this comment is way too long. bye.