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interview attire

I have an interview with a studio in NY coming up, and I'm just wondering how I should dress. Back in school, my teacher said we'd probably get laughed at if we wen't to an animation interview in a suit, but I'm still not too sure how I should dress. I mean, is it okay to wear jeans or would that be too casual?

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well most people i know would probably just wear a pair of khakis and a dress shirt. sort of semi casual.
if you want to wear a pair of jeans then you can just put on a light jacket with a nice white shirt or tshirt.
point is not to look like a hobo but come across as someone proffessional. besides you wont go wrong if you dress well vs over dress.
suit would be a bit excessive i think.
good luck.

Some places casual is OK. I wouldn't show up in a tux, or a suit of glass or armor. I've never dressed for a studio interview so the pros here can correct me, but in my mind I think dress pants (earthtones/khakis always look good), a nice belt and a crisp white short-sleeve Oxford shirt...I can't imagine it would hurt seeing as how that's probably how dressy anyone that's at the studio already gets at the job.

I'd say as a general rule of thumb just go a step or two above what you'll be wearing when you work there. That way you show you can present yourself Plus One to recognize that it's a special occasion or an issuing of respect. Make sense?


I think that the best way to dress for a interview is to dress like a cleaner, tidier version of yourself... Above all, you must feel comfortable and not look like you're wearing someone else's attire.

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Just don't show up naked. Trust me, it doesn't work well. :(

In the early days of my career, I almost lost a job because I wore a sport coat and tie to the interview. Fortunately, someone recognized that I was following Generic Interviewing Advice 101 and looked past the formalwear.

Years later, I interviewed a guy who came in wearing a tie. We told him that if he showed up for his first day of work wearing a tie, we'd cut it off. He did, and we did...

Same advice as others gave - casual slacks, a shirt with a collar, and be comfortable.


What about for girls? I also have an interview coming up soon.
Are skirts out?


if you're interviewing in nyc then something black wouldn't hurt.
but not all black. you don't want to come off as too pretentious too soon.

Skirts aren't out, they just have to be a respectable length. I say go with something professional yet funky. Be mostly professional, but make sure that your personality is reflected. I have seen girls show up for an interview in mini-skirts that barely cover their bum. It doesn't reflect well on your professional attitude.

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Thanks for the info! I just don't want to show up overdressed, but not under-dressed either. No mini skirts for me!

No suit, little make up, emm,keep the cool :D

What about for girls? I also have an interview coming up soon.
Are skirts out?

I went for an interview in repeat my drama.... :(

thanks for your help everybody.

so nice shirt, nice pants, no tie.
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the rules apply for both men and women, you cannot go wrong with a tidier version of yourself, think of saturday best (as opposed to sunday best! :p)!

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

I've worn jeans a few times but i make sure to wear nice shoes and a tucked in collared shirt. I found that my comfort is more important than whether or not I'm in a tie.

The powder blue tux with ruffled shirt hasn't let me down yet. :D

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For girls, I agree, Saturday best is a good way to think about it. I usually wear slacks and a sweater or nice (not T) shirt. I have worn jeans before, I think that's okay as long as you pair it with a nicer shirt/jacket. Just remember, they want you to look like an artist, (but.. a clean one :rolleyes:,) not a lawyer. Personally I think skirts (around knee length) are great, because they are comfortable and they look good.

I would say one mistake I made was wearing high heels. (I'm 5'11''... my interveiwer was 5'5'' or so.) I still got the job, but that particular interview didn't go well. I was uncomfortable, he looked uncomfortable... I ended up having to have another interview to make up for that one. :(