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Demo Reel

Sorry to those who may have been able to HEAR but not SEE my demo reel.
It's fixed now.

This one will work:)

Demo Reel

Let me know what you think.

p.s. If you have Quicktime Pro, you can see a smaller version with better resolution if you click here:

Demo Reel-QT Pro


Hello Madman. Your reel looks ok, but there are some bits that I'd take out if I were you. Take out the thing with the head in th begining it's very strange and doesn't really fit with all of your other work. I'd also remove the Disnet thing. That really sticks out and is quite boring compared to everything else. Other than that everything else is ok. I really like the sequences at the end with the knight and the rats. :D

"Animation isn't about how well you draw, but how much to believe." -Glen Keane

I agree about the Disnet thing. If you're going to keep the title card of "Character Animation Reel" I see zero point in putting up a user interface. Plus the whole thing is pointless and unfunny UNLESS you can see the whole thing cause it all builds to the end (which, unless my Quicktime is broken, wasn't present on the wheel). The only solution I could come up with or explanation rather, is you're using it as a flashy way to break up the actual animation. That way, you put a second or two here, then animation, another second or two; keep coming back to it, but even then it'd only be something pretty as a background.

I'm also curious how your Dragon's Lair stuff will spark up conversations; I've been to the site before and I seem to remember the story behind it, but I wonder how many people will think you worked under Bluth and what they're reactions will be when they find out you haven't. Is DB making you put the legal mumbo jumbo at the end to include it, similar to the bottom of its Movie page?

thanks for the input:)

Thanks for the advice guys, I'll fix some things here and there. I agree that if I'm gonna say I'm a character animator, the Disnet menu stuff may not belong. I wanted to show what I can do. I'll fix it soon.


I'm not sure I know what you mean about the HEAD in the beginning. You mean a head like a HEAD...or the text in the beginning. I sure hope that you're not talking about the arachnid-severed head...cause dude...I gotta leave that...sorry:)


About the Dragon's Lair stuff. The film was a gift that I personally gave to Bluth years ago. Never did I say I worked for the guy nor do I mention anything on my resume. But if, after a 4 page hand written letter he sent me thanking me for it ,is gonna have problems with me doing a non-profit fan film that simply shows animation ability, then I don't know what I'd think. I'm not afraid to leave that stuff there. All of the legal mumbo jumbo was my idea to further state that it's not my set of characters...all I did was the segment. If some legal guy warns me to get rid of it, then so be it I guess. I technically have no legal right to use anything....but bluth smiled...and he's the guy that did the original, so I'll take things as they come. So far, nobody's warned me.

Thanks for your input guys:)

I gotta know though,
is there no such thing as a reel that shows ALL of what one can do...not just character stuff; does nobody have an ANIMATION reel not just CHARACTER ANIMATION. I totally understand that a 3d menu of stuff doesn't belong on a character animation reel....but where does it belong? Seriously, I would like to know:) Animation is so different to me these days. I know where many things belong, but there are many things that I've seen that I almost don't know what kind of reel they belong on. Should there be one for each definitive genre and never mixed?

What a country

Actually, Madaman I was referring to the arachnid head, lol.

"Animation isn't about how well you draw, but how much to believe." -Glen Keane

I don't have a problem with it being on there, nor am I contesting anything or casting you in any particular light. I was genuinely curious how that works; for example, what is the standard procedure for using others' characters in your reel? I figured if you went through the paces you might've run into that.

Also I think simply adding Character Animation AND Somethingorother, or simply saying Animation (it's a moving graphic, isn't it?) should suffice, so long as the job you're -applying- to is character animation...I don't think anyone will squabble about intentions.


I shouldn't have copyrighted stuff at all is the answer I guess.

I try to explain the intention of the films that have copyrighted material making it as crystal clear as can be that i'm just playing with the idea and not smudging the image...thus disnet and the dragon's lair pieces have explanations on my site.

aside from that, I just cross my fingers and hope for the best:)

So if you just explain it in person you don't need to put it at the bottom/end of the reel itself?

i don't think so...

I don't think that will tie all of the strings, but in any event, I don't want to leave out credit from the original people is all I guess.

In general,
don't do as I did:)