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musimation's Museum

Hello everyone and welcome to my museum... :) :D :)

This is my latest work it's a baby demon made in Blender

here's a tiny animation of the baby demon in action

Snails in the night :)

Green snail saids to the orange sanil "Dude your so slow"
Orange snails replies " Yeah, ok speedy"

Moe silly stuff

little fight animation

i know us really sloppy but what the heck enjoy...:D

moe greasy kid stuff :)

This is a cow character design i made for a drawing challenge done entirely in flash

Extraterrestrial Lifeforms

I had a dream, in it I was told that alien lifeforms were microscopic and that
they were living inside us already...(not really but it sure sounds good for an intro to an abstract piece..) :D

ha ha, nice stuff musi...

Go now! Its Free! YES Free!
See my work and me at these other sites! WOW! (Comic Book Freelance) (Sketcheroos) (Atlanta Studio)

Thanks Scoob nGA D:

here's another gif animation I just made;

Click on image to see the animation

by the way you can play you're standard Thrash metal "I swallowed an ashtray that's why I sound like a cookie monster" song/track to it for an enhanced effect. ;)

Baby demon walks! :)

Oh no is Baby Demon! he looks hypnotized, zombyfied :eek:

Hahahaha... That's the koolest llama I ever seen... :D

Nice work, Musi...


Country girl

I like your stuff so far .....but that hillbilly girl?....... Her folks are siblings, right?


I like your stuff so far .....but that hillbilly girl?....... Her folks are siblings, right?

Inspired by Fight Club

thanx Doob. :)

here's a character I made today.

Baby demon sneaks! :)

Baby demon is up to no good :)


happy happy joy joy ....rmmm hi :)

Quality Testing, somebody's got to do it ;)

another day in school :)

another day in school :D

Shooting gun animation

Alien Viny throws an energy ball! >>>ANIMATION

New character I just made reminds me of venom from spiderman so i call him viny, here's a little flash animation of him throwing an energy ball. :D


Spook Llama

3d character

Just finished putting the armature on this character, now it's ready to be animated yay!

MELODY doggy animation and boy sneezing

couple more animations a tiny 3d animation cycle, and a 2d cycle...

Nice variety of post MusiM. from animtion to drawings. That is great.. I myself need to do more of that.


Thanks damage, yes you should so I can check out your stuff too :D

OK, here's a Robot I just finished, I want to make it into an toy action figure,
I wonder how to go about it, something new to learn... :)

I'd like to know how the country girl got her shorts on.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

phacker I'd like to know how the country girl got her shorts on.

lol...rmmm.. oh yeah~ it's that special stretch jean fabric you know ;) :D



Grimster a.k.a Mr. Bones

3D Ninja character

haven't submitted lately, my creative juices aren't flowing like usual i hate it when that happens_ anyways here's a new character not very original but what the heck i like it :D


i really like the ninja walk great job.THe way the legs move is very cartoony and exagerated. :D

Thanks thunderobot glad you like it :)

More Ninja moves

I've been having some fun animating the ninja

Wow, really cool animated ninja.
At the jump animation, I would let him go down a little bit more when he arrives ground, to emphasize the intensity of the jump!

Thanks Bandita, you're so right about the landing, good call. :D

aahhhh beer :)

Been messing around with the Yafray rendering on blender, made this mug of beer,I really hate waiting for renders so I faked the light caustics(don't tell no one), Oh yeah by the way enjoy the winter festivities and don't get too fugly, unless you want to cheers! ;) :D