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Pixar's first 2-D theatrical film ???!?!?!

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Pixar's first 2-D theatrical film ???!?!?!


though it sound like it not gonna happen :D (I WISH IT HAPPENS!!!)

and pixar is planning to release another film next year called Ratatouille
(Ratatouille is a rat who lives in a swank Parisian cafe)

(source : the big cartoon database)

I believe that Corpse Bride is stop motion with 3D enhancements. But honestly, I don't care how they did it; its so gorgeous that I'll be drooling all the way up to its October release.

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Corpse bride- yeah, it's puppetry, though I'm sure there'll be some CG.

I saw something about it, but I don't remember if it was on TV or an extra in a DVD. Anyway, they showed animators in the sets and mentioned that the puppets (or figures or what have you....whatever you want to call the characters) were over a foot tall, if I remember right.

I'd love to pass more along, but I don't recall much other than that.


yeah, I read something like that on wikipedia...
"Ray Gun is a planned animated feature for 2007. Though early reports suggested this would be a Pixar film, reports indicate that this will be a 2D film. Pixar has no interest in doing 2D animated films, understandably since they made their fortune in 3D animated films, such as Toy Story and Finding Nemo.

Warner Brothers currently owns the rights to the film. Brad Bird, director of Pixar's blockbuster The Incredibles is cast to direct the movie, though this information is subject to change."

Seems unlikely. That release date's only two years away, and Bird has been deep into Incredibles responsibilities, even after the theatrical release. Generally, an animated film takes about four years from concept to completion (2D or 3D).

I am going to see him speak tonight at a lecture, and I'll see if I can get the question in during a Q&A.

Ya, it seems unlikely that Pixar would do a 2D movie because they were created to do 3D.
That's REALLY smart of Warner Bros. to get the rights though. I bet after seeing the sucess of "Incredibles" they really want Brad Bird back.


I see no problems on Pixar making a 2d movie. Where is it written that all of their movies must be 3d?

After all, they know everything about moviemaking and animation. I don't think that 2d or 3d would be the key to their success. No matter what technique they choose, I'm sure they can make a pretty decent movie.

I heard once here in this forum that, when Disney got rid of their 2d tables, Pixar bought some of them. When I saw The Incredibles, seeing Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston on the movie saying that they like things like in the old days only reinforced my feeling. And those 2d/3d credits... smeels like something's cooking at Pixar.

It would be a pretty smart move. Their 3d movies didn't make success because they were 3d - they attracted attention because they were different. When suddenly everybody is making 3d only, making a 2d movie (or a cut out movie or a stop motion) is a pretty smart move.

I'm still betting that Pixar will be releasing a 2d movie sooner or later. Mark my words... :)

I'd love to see Pixar make a 2D film... just because you know it would kick ass and they could rub it disney's face. I heard a rumor that Pixar bought all of Disney's Florida team's 2D stuff... tables and whatnot.

...speaking of 3D, someone told be Corpse's Bride is done in 3D and only looks like stop motion ala' Nightmare. Is it just me or is that incredibly dissappointing?

I also saw that on this forum, and the tourgal at Ringling (if she's right, for what it's worth) also said they got a part of the batch (the school itself, according to her, being one of about 4 or 5 acquisitions)...

And I also think that would help shut up some of the ignorant (I didn't say stupid, I just mean those that don't know) folk who attach 3D to success to money when they're producing. There's no better entity to quiet the storm of debate on one side than the people who supplied the original ammunition for the opposing side.

Also, I looked up Corpse Bride on IMDB. Not only do they have a bunch of "match move" people in the credits, which to my understanding is strictly CGI (from what I understand it involves getting 3D characters to orient correctly against regular backdrops) but also there's only two people credited as animators, and one of the guys is the supervisor. THAT's the weirdest part in my book.

I saw a trailer soemwhere-can't remember- for corpse bride.

Style is reminiscent of Nightmare and the animation looked incredible. I couldn't tell if was stop motion or CG but it looked like the smoothest stop motion if it was.

Just to let you all know, animation desks aren't strictly used for animation. People use them for character design, storyboarding, layout and all kinds of stuff. I wouldn't say PIXAR would never do a traditional movie, but I'm not holding my breath.

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wishing pixar would do 2d , would be great for a change, also revive the 2d industry . gives a sense of hope to us ppl


I would love to see a Pixar 2D film.
It would be very funny to see Disney's face after/if and when Pixar does make a 2D movie that's a huge hit!
Expecially a 2D movie after they have severed ties.

Disney's face by now is either that of an ice cube or a zombie skull. I think I can skip that particular kind of funny. :p

...speaking of 3D, someone told be Corpse's Bride is done in 3D and only looks like stop motion ala' Nightmare. Is it just me or is that incredibly dissappointing?

That is incorrect. Corpse Bride is almost all stop motion. I was working at Vinton when it was being made.

I think I heard somewhere that Corpse Bride was stop motion. I can only hope it's true.