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HELP! - Weird capturing problems!!

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HELP! - Weird capturing problems!!

Dear friends,

my problem is so weird and complicated I have put up a webpage explaining it in detail. If you like uncanny misteries, or knows anything about the weird behaviors of computers, please give it a try:

Please show it to your friends. I'm desperate.

Any clue is welcome!

Thanks in advance,

Daniel Poeira


Did you try if it works with the Take5 demo ?

Just some basic questions:

1) Do the programs that you use have separate settings for the input to be used for frame by frame capturing vs live video? It could be that somehow the default input got changed for still capture, but stayed correct for video capture. I'd assume that it would try to capture stills and video from the same source that it showed in the preview (which worked), but you never know.

2) Have you tried reinstalling/updating your capture drivers since this started?


Dear friends,

thank you for your kind replies.

I have been really busy finishing my master´s thesis, so I vanished from the forum for a while.

I´ll conduct some experiments tomorrow and let you know what happened!

Everything is working again and back to normal. I have no idea why.

The only things I have changed in my computer since the last time I tested it were:

- Installed 512 Mb of RAM memory
- Installed a DVD recorder drive
- Installed the demo version of Take5

Now all the stop motion software - including Take5 - are working. Wonder why.

Windows is more unpredictable than the weather!

Thank you two for the kind help.

[]s, Daniel Poeira

i'll give it a try

I have some experience with capturing problems so i can try and help you out. First, can you download the demo of my own capture software here: and see if it shows the same problems. If it does or doesn't, either way it will give me some information that could help solve your problem, simply because i know how my own soft works.


Geert Vergauwe