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Question about carrying animation paper around?

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Question about carrying animation paper around?

What do you use?
I myself have been using a large sketch book with the paper stuffed inside it, I cant seem to find any thing else that’s big enough. So I was wondering if anyone could give me suggestions, maybe something I’m not aware of? I’m looking for like a hard carrying case for the animation paper.

That's what I use... :o

Recently I started using folder and book bag......

Odd as it may sound, the Fed Ex large document shipping box works very well. Check at a Fed Ex/Kinko's in their shipping materials - should be free, or very cheap.

I also have some old Apple Macintosh accessories boxes that work great, but good luck finding those anymore... :)

I carry mine in my backpack...

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There are folders that are made in the same aspect as both 12 and 16 field papers. You can order them from Cartoon Colour I believe. Also any folder that can hold 11 x 17 should hold them fine with room to spare.

Personally I use a shoulderbag that I bought here at the Disney Studio a few years back. It's perfect size for carrying 12 field and a laptop. In most cases unless you're working on a feature at Disney, Warners or Dreamworks, you'll be working on 12 Field. I'd recommend going out and looking for a laptop bag or some kind of office bag that you can throw over your shoulder, I think you'll be happy with that.

Paper? Does anyone still use that stuff? :P

Go to an Office Depot type of store, I got a plastic carrying case, kind of like a box, with a locking clasp and a handle. They were a little too wide for the paper, but the hight was just right. And in the space the paper make, you can keep boxes of pencils and stuff.

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