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Need help urgently

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Need help urgently

Hey guys i am from BANGALORE ( INDIA) . I am doing my 2d and 3d animation.I am in this line for about two years. I think inida is not the best place to study animation as the education quality is too low.

I am planning to go to VFS( VANCOUVER FILM SCHOOL) and study 2d animation. But i have some doubts to b cleared.U guys must help me out cos ur the best people to ask

1. I have heard VFS is the best place to study, How is the teaching and stuff there

2. Wat are the job placements after the course

3. As an international student can i get a job in CANADA?

4. wat will the pay scale for starters

5. I want to settle down in canada only after my course. Sp how to go about it

6. Is it sensible to go and study there

Guys i really need help . I Hope u guys will clear me from this mess


Thanks a lot buddy. Need more information guys

hey SP i have sent a Pm. plz read it

i have sent you a private message , check ... all the best

1. VFS is a good school, there are better ones, and there are far worse ones.
The teachers in the 2D program are excellent. I know, as I've worked alongside many of them.
2. Job Placements? No. The animation industry is merit-based--that is your skill level will determine whether or not you gain employment. No school in North America--worth their salt--will offer job placement, because a student can complete the academic standard of the program and still not be of sufficent skill to work in industry.
3. You'd probably have to be considered a landed immigrant--you'd have to consult with the Canadian government and Immigration Canada for that info. Most like you would need to accquire a work visa--which means you would have to have a job waiting for you here, or some company to sponsor you.
4. Payscale for starting animators/artists varies--its can be somewhat low around $400 per week to modestly good around $1000 per week. It depends upon the job and the studio.
5. See answer #3
6. I don't know. Its a long way to travel, its expensive to live in Vancouver, the course costs a fair amount of money and the industry is variable. You may get good results, you may not.

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Thanks a lot KEN. Yeah exactly, it depends on the skills. But i am still confused about it. Need some more suggestions