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Producer/Writer Needs Help

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Producer/Writer Needs Help

Hi -
I'm an award winning filmmaker and an emmy winning
TV producer. I have recently completed a treatment and
pilot script for an animated series (in the "Family Guy" "Aqua Teen
Hunger Force" / "South Park" sort of vein).
It's very funny and a totally original idea that I think
could be sold to cable. Problem is - since I've never done
animation, I haven't the slightest idea what to do next, what
I need to pitch, who I need to talk to, etc...
I have tried asking around, but the people I know are equally
cluless about animation as I am.

What should I do? Is there someone I could talk to who can
tell me what my next step is - or at leat give me some insight
into the process.




We are a newly opened Animation Studio in Delhi, India. Please see our site for our profile.
We can help you with any kind of 2D animation. We have recently produced 5 episodes of 12 minute animation series (Also on our original idea). We are eager to provide animation services to Producers at the any reasonable price that you quote. Please mail us at


Anshuman Das

We may be able to help. We pitch animation and work with some great studios. Drop me a line at

sure will help

hi mike

i am very happy to know u have done some original work,i will share with u all my experience.i can suggest one good name u should meet in the US.i have been doing international marketing fm india for about 3 years now sith some success.

pl mail me at,i will take u thru the steps, we could chat on yahoo also.
welcome to the world of animation...there is no getting out :D :D

bye :)

Pitching materials that you'll need are likely similar to other formats (live-action):

step one:
- a splash sheet with
- fact sheet
- synopsis
- world description
- main characters (design and description)
- tone and style targets ('look' and writing)
- your credits as partner

step two:
- sample script (full script ie for launch segemnt)
- overview of series scenarios
- character boards, art boards
- ideally a teaser animation

step three:
Go get 'em!

If its as hot as you say, I can introduce it here in Europe.
Co-productions are the name of the game here...



I Have Enriched My Experience, My Attitude Towards Animation PRODUCTION My Values System, And My Very Existence. Creative Ability And Technical Competencies And Relentless Pursuit For Higher Standard Have Helped Me To Take Many New Challenges Every Day over 6 + Years.
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you can make a pitch bible as well. then youd have to meet with your intended broadcasters at the channels you think your content would be viable at.
alternatively you could get an agent and have him set your meetings up.