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Petition saves Looney Tunes characters

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Petition saves Looney Tunes characters

Hey everyone, check out this article.

An 11 year old kid who started on online petition got Warner Bros' attention and they're redesigning the Loonatics characters. The show will probably still stink, but at least it shows that fans still might have some say against studios' bad decisions.

mmm... thery're still going to make them... only they'll be cuter...

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

Please God ! Save Daffy !

the best part of that article is the boys new protest:

"I was thinking about doing one against homework,"

Where do I sign up??!!!

Flash Character Packs, Video Tutorials and more:

This kind of news always gives me heart, but I have a feeling that the boy's success is due in part to Warner Bros. lack of confidence in thier own productions. The nicest thing anyone at the studio said about this new show was that "it tested well in focus groups".

But one thing that troubles me about changing the character design now is that- this premieres in Fall. Thats soon. To change the character designs now means that either they're freaked out enough to "stop the presses" and start production over again (which doesn't make sense because that means a HUGE cost), or that they haven't even begun production yet, which means Warner Bros. always intended to produced this show quickly and cheaply.

The more I think about it the angrier I get. Everything about Loonatics is insult to animation.

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