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calarts portfolio criterias

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calarts portfolio criterias

i hear the school is very selective, and i'm nervous that my portfolio won't be up to snuff. exactly how stringent are they're requirements? i can upload a drawing of mine, if you guys would like to see some. maybe that'll help you judge like they would.

and i also saw they need quick life sketches as opposed to cleaned up finished art. i don't normally do sketchy type drawings, so maybe you guys could critique some that i have done. hopefully someone that went to calarts and knows the criteria.

does anyone know a good picture hosting site?

Photobucket is a good image host... it would be great to see some of your art.

I'm a BFA1 in character animation now and basically, I think they are looking for "something different and original" in your portfolio. Yes, you need to demonstrate drawing skill and that you really want to learn animation, but the most important thing is creativity. All of the people in my class got in off of VERY different portfolios, but all of them had something special. I know this is kind of vague, but I hope it helps anyway...

Calarts, the nightmare

I applied in the fall for Calarts, and wasn't accepted, which I thought was strange, because I felt I demonstrated that I could, in fact, draw. Now that I reflect upon it, I realize that drawing is only half of it. I agree with what Eliza said. I think the review commitee not only wants to see proof that you can draw, but they also want to see your unique thinking process and individuality with your art.

As far as what to include, it's not that they only want to see sketchy gesture drawings. If your gesture drawings aren't very good, then don't submit any. More importantly, I think they want to see life in your drawings, whether they be 1 minute or an hour. And they want to see that you are unique in your style and interests as an artist.

There are a number of sample portfolios out there. I'll give you some links to some helpful sites... --- The forums here are really helpful, becuase they're run by a current Calarts student. There are many people here who, like you, want to get into Calarts, so discussion and postings around that topic is popular. --- This is a sample portfolio posted on the Calarts website created by an admitted student. I think it's really good at displaying the personality of the artist to the review committee.

Also, Eliza has her Acceptance portfolio posted on her website (very cool stuff, Eliza. I hope you don't mind me posting.) which is really cool.

Something you should think about however is not "copying" these portfolios as far as subject matter and styles go. Just study them as precedent. Feel free to do your own interpretation, since it is more important that you're unique.


I also thought could draw very well tried Calarts and got rejected but got accepted to ringling but decided not to go for personal reasons.