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looking for business partners

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looking for business partners

Hi Friends,
I am uday, bassed in bangalore(india) & working for a company. And also i am doing freelancing for 2D/3D animation projects. Now, i am planing for my own animation studio in bangalore & looking for business partners.

Anyone interested to work with me please feel free to contact me.

My Email ID:,
My personal website: (not updated)


Business partner

Dear Uday,
I am Supratim having experience of 6 yrs of designing and animation. I have worked for applause entertainment for their forthcoming tv project vikramaditya and still working in mumbai I am very close relationship with the "Katha Animation" team the maker of Hum Tum. I already have a small studio setup at Kolkata as I belong to there. I have a plan to start up the studio on july. I mainly work with 2D animation for commercial and series,which is my speciality and I have a strong background on that.I will work for the outside market, I ma talking to some of them. I had a visit on your website it's preety good but it looks very small in 1024x768 resolution. Anyways do you have any plans? Let me know.

uday, your work is pretty good. what part of the animated clips did you personally work on?
its good to see people getting into set up their own studios. but what are your plans and where do you intend to get work?
im running a small shop myself of 6 and we are doing some tests for a broadcast IP written and produced and created by us.
i can tell you one thing for sure. it costs a lot of money. we are moving into new facilities and all of this is costing an arm and a leg.
if you want to work on outsourced stuff or small time local features the indian market sucks. and getting work from abroad is a bitch unless you work on US Animation.

My Mail address

Dear Uday If you feel interested or got some plan to how to work together, plz reply me back on

Hi Friends,
Sorry for delay. Because I was busy with couple of other works.

I have 9+ years of experience in animation & graphics. I have started with 2D animation. In year 2000 my project (A WALK WITH AESOP) got best animation project award from CHIPindia (Bombay). My role & credits are as below.

Concept, visualization & creative co-ordination - Udaya shankar
Script - 1
Graphics & character design - Udaya shankar
Animation - Udaya shankar + 1
Programming - Udaya shankar + 2
Music - 1

Now I am planning to start my own animation studio in bangalore with the small team. It will take another 3 to 4 months to start. I am mainly focusing on 3D animations. Right now I am developing an concept & story for 3D animation demo reel (about 5 to 10 minutes) to showcase it in some animation festivals. Animation festivals are really good place to meet people. Idea is, if we produce good work we can reach people worldwide. I don't have good contact for now. But, once my demo reel gets ready I will start contacting the people.
Any ideas to add with this please welcome & if anybudy interested to work together with me they are welcome.

quick question. collaboration wise. do you have the funding to equip with machines and licenses?
i am running a 2d show in bombay here and we are tripling animators for 2d right now. but end of the year we wish to have a 3d project in the works.