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how's the art institute's animation program?

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how's the art institute's animation program?

does anyone know? i'm looking for a good school in the LA, orange county area of southern california. anyone have any recommendations?

What about CalArts or USC?

CalArts has alumni such as Glen Keane, Pete Doctor, Brad Bird, and a bunch of other household names in the animation industry.

You're in the geographic heart of american animation - good schools abound there. CalArts, USC, UCLA. Great programs, great alumni, hard to get into. There are also private programs like Animation Academy and American Animation Institute - there's another thread going on now about those.

Art Institutes in general elicits an "either/or" reaction from people. They either love their experience there or hate it. It's either a great education or a huge waste of time and money. There seems to be no middle ground.
I have a good friend who teaches animation at one of the art institutes (not in SoCal), and I know him to be a dedicated, caring professional who strives to teach his students to the best of his ability. I've heard stories at the other end of the spectrum too though.

Your best bet is to ask around and talk to folks who have been to the AI that you are thinking of attending, and see what the general consensus is about that campus.