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Please save Bug Bunny!

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Please save Bug Bunny!

Hi everyone!
Found this on the animated news website:
Eleven-year-old Thomas Adams on mission to 'Save Our Looney Tunes'
The Big Cartoon Database reports that eleven-year-old Thomas Adams of Tulsa, Oklahoma has collected almost 34,000 signatures at Save Our Looney Tunes, a website formed last month to keep Warner Bros. from "ruining" the classic Looney Tunes characters. The move was made last month, after Warner Brothers' plans to debut Loonatics this fall were unveiled. Loonatics follows the adventures of the "descendants" of the current Looney Tunes, set in the year 2772. Adams, a fifth-grade pupil at Holland Hall, an independent college preparatory day school, suggests that the Loonatics, such as 'Buzz Bunny,' look evil. His goal is to get 100,000 signatures on his petition by this summer, then presenting the petition to Warner Brothers. "We urge Warner Brothers to create entirely new characters for the series rather than 'ruining' the classic characters," the petition reads. "We know they are saying that these are descendants of the classic characters, but it doesn't really look that way. Some 'classics' just shouldn't be tampered with." Signatures for Adams' petition have come from all 50 states, in addition to such countries as Japan and Austrailia. Even American soldiers in Iraq have signed the petition.

P.S: Aren't kids intelligent nowadays? I didn't even know what a computer was at eleven!

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"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

"check it out, you know it makes sense!"

I think the Bugs is a pretty ballsy bunny...think he can look after himself. He always seems to outwit Elmer and anyone else that gets in his way.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

When I was eleven, the only computers I knew of were housed at NASA...

I understand the motivation, but I can't sign this thing. First of all, these aren't the classic characters in new suits; they're entirely new characters based on the species of the classics, much like Tiny Toons were. The original characters aren't diminished in any way by this, just as they weren't with Tiny Toons. If you want to be upset, be upset about Baby Looney Tunes, which is a complete b@stardization of the originals.

I'm not a fan of what WB plans to do here, but I'm willing to wait and see the result. If it's bad, I'll respond in the way that affects them most - I won't watch the show.

I completely agree with DSB (rhymes).

There have been bad Bugs Bunny revisions since the 1960s, but none of them have diminished the power of the original 1940s cartoons. If anything, those originals look more spectacular when weighed against their flaccid successors.

Corporations are going to continue to reintroduce and reinvent their cartoon properties, so just get used to it. You might as well prepare yourself now for Spongebob 2030: Sponge in Space and Simpsons Babies.
To become outraged every time Bugs and Mickey and Popeye and Spiderman are remade is just a ridiculous waste of emotional energy.

Give Change a Chance!

We can't be slave of innertia.
When I was about 12, only people with a loooot of money could afford a Hi-fi system. I had a small recorder with a two-inch speaker, so, in order to rockn'roll, I would wire it to my big russian TV, and got the decibels I wanted.
Now when I listen to the same records in my cd, I feel there's something missing.
The moral of the story is that you will resist change. How many of you complain about the latest version of a software... only to get used to it and resist the next?
A cartoon shouldn't be rejected only because it's different. after all, think of those old black and white disney stuff that we remember fondly... how long do you think a 7 year old would look at them nowadays?